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Minimalist Bedroom Designs

Create yourself a sanctuary for sleep by rethinking the design of your overstuffed bedroom. Minimalist design is the key to achieving a lighter, airier and tranquil modern bedroom. By focusing on the elements you can’t live without and leaving behind all the extra bling, you can create a calm and serene atmosphere that is perfect for getting some quality sleep. By following the basic elements of minimalist design, you’re well on your way to sweet dreams.

Clean and Simple Lines

The most basic element to minimalist design is the use of quality furniture without a lot of embellishments. This reduction of visual clutter helps to create the serene mood minimalist design seeks to achieve.


A minimalist room should only contain furniture pieces that are absolutely necessary because furniture takes up visual and actual space. By restricting yourself to only the pieces you truly need, your space will feel larger and brighter.

Reduce Clutter

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Clutter is the enemy of a minimalist design. Items stored under the bed and lots of little mementos on dressers and shelves create a sense of visual noise. While that doesn’t mean you have to give up every décor piece you have, a curated selection of your most cherished items will add a cozy sense of home without overwhelming the room or your senses.

If you find it hard to choose, rotate items in and out throughout the year. In a minimalist room, even these little changes will stand out and add a fresh feeling.

Neutral Colors

Monochromatic palettes using grays, beiges, and white are the most common colors you’ll find in a minimalist bedroom. The calm, cool colors add a light and airy feeling to the room and help emphasize the simple, clutter free space. By opting for varying textures in the same hue, you can convey character and personality on a subtle level. From bedding to curtains and area rugs, these neutral tones can add depth without too much visual noise.

If a neutral color palette sounds a little too dull for your liking, you can always try adding a little bit of contrast with a softer color outside the usual range. This room is a great example of creating the minimalist style while using an unexpected shade of pink.


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If the neutral color palette with a light pop of color is still just too soft for your tastes, you can opt for a bit of bold contrast to create a dramatic flair. In this room you can see how the black finished wood wall paneling and platform add a dramatic touch against the white bed and lighter tones of the room. Despite this stronger color palette, the room maintains a minimal style by keeping the furniture and accessories to a minimum.

Statement Piece

While it’s not a necessary element for a minimalist bedroom design, a statement piece can be used to add a pop of color and a bit of drama. While this room strategically breaks some of the color palette rules you generally find in a minimalist room, I really like how it’s still a successful minimalist design. The simple furnishings combined with very few accessories still achieve that minimal design we’re looking for. However, the oars add color and playfulness, and give the overall design personality and an unexpected sense of humor. The same thing can be achieved with a bold piece of artwork, a unique light fixture, and so forth.

Whether you just want to streamline your bedroom or go for a full minimalist sanctuary, by incorporating the elements above you can design a minimalist bedroom that’s perfect for you. Check out our selection of modern bedroom furniture and accessories for more inspiration.

Nicole Tatem

Nicole Tatem

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