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Modern Bedroom Ideas: Pick a Platform Bed

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The ultimate must-have for the modern bedroom? A platform bed, of course. Built so the mattress sits directly atop a solid or slatted base, platform beds are a no-nonsense solution to achieving a clean and modern bedroom sanctuary. To me, ‘modern bedroom’ means clean, sleek, and chic. For yours, here are 10 dreamy platform beds that exude all of the above to inspire your bedroom decor. 

Platform beds boast lean lines and low profiles–without the hassle of a box spring, foot board, or the overbearing embellishments of a more traditional bed. Some can be fitted with nightstand attachments, integrated lighting or shelving, or under-bed storage for flexible and practical organizational solutions that are perfect for the modern-minded decorator or the multi-function enthusiast.

Wooden Retreat: A wood bed frame is a tasteful way to create visual warmth in the bedroom without piling on the blankets. Rich in color and texture, wood is also beneficial for its structural integrity and neutrality towards the changing seasons, weather-wise, decor-wise, and otherwise.

Forget saving the best for last. The Trama Bed, Wood from Pianca is my absolute dream. Featuring a smooth, slim wood frame and headboard, this charming platform bed is understated yet beautiful.

The Astrid Bed boasts a mid-century modern feel with satellite style legs An adjustable headboard and detachable floating nightstand add-ons make this platform bed equally fashionable and flexible.

Plush + Upholstered: If coziness is your priority, consider a bed with a plush headboard or fabric wrapped frame and add texture with textiles. Plush headboards are perfect for propping up to read or relax in bed.

The Taylor Bed from Calligaris boasts a plump headboard divided into two pillowy sections and a fabric cover that is removable for cleaning.

The Lukas Bed looks like it’s a cloud just waiting for you to snuggle on in to.

Floating on Air: All platform beds appear streamlined, but if you want to take the look to an extreme, choose a minimalist bed that seemingly floats above the floor.

or with legs that are either extremely thin or actually transparent, as in the gorgeous Air Bed with a transparent glass base.

Get Low: Platform beds that skirt the floor give the bedroom an instant modern look.

The Gap Walnut Platform Bed by Rossetto has an extra-wide headboard that can be kitted out with optional accessories like leather pillows and modular walnut nightstands with a single drawer.

The Wide Bed looks perfectly at ease sitting on the floor.

Make A Statement: Find a bold and dramatic platform bed to really make a statement with.

The Wynn Bed from Calligaris is both regal and practical, featuring a leather tufted headboard with wings and built-in storage in the bed’s base.

The stark gray wash and stout profile of the CLOE Bed make it a stand-out piece in modern bedrooms. 

The PCHseries Canopy Bed is stunning, and a platform bed that certainly commands attention.  

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