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Bookcases For Beautiful Displays

The modern bookcase is more than just a library. Open shelves are ideal for displaying your treasures and extra storage. Here’s our roundup of beautiful modern bookcases, as well as a few tips for stashing your stuff before your mother-in-law comes to town.

Arpa Bookcase from Tonin Casa|YLiving

Arpa Bookcase from Tonin Casa

There’s no need for bookends with the Arpa Bookcase from Tonin Casa. The slanted wood construction allows books rest on their side rather than standing and potentially toppling over. Use the optional Perplex shelves to create a flat surface for a sneaky storage box.

Liber A Bookcase from Tonelli|YLiving

Liber A Bookcase from Tonelli

With a slight silhouette, Liber A Bookcase from Tonelli compartment style provides plenty of display cubicles. Add in the optional lacquered drawers for hidden storage that won’t detract from the chic, open feel this modern bookcase has.

Gil Bookcase, Lacquer from Antonello Italia|YLiving

Gil Bookcase, Lacquer from Antonello Italia

The gallery style of Antonello Italia‘s Gil Bookcase is like museum quality display space. The wide, open shelves are great for stacking books, showing off your prized objects, and a storage box or two.

SWAN Bookcase By Joel Dupras, from Huppe|YLiving

SWAN Bookcase from Huppe

The SWAN Bookcase by Joel Dupras from Huppe is a modern bookcase that’s ideal for storage and display. The cubed compartments and geometric design are perfect for cutting the clutter.

Delphi Bookcase from Sovet Italia|YLiving

Delphi Bookcase from Sovet Italia

Make a statement with the Delphi Bookcase from Sovet Italia. The unique trapezoid-shaped units make an ideal display case. The sizeable shelving compartments allow for storing magazines, books, and accent pieces.

La Fenice Bookshelf from Tonin Casa|YLiving

La Fenice Bookshelf, Large from Tonin Casa

Reminiscent of a carousel, the La Fenice Bookshelf from Tonin Casa creates a 360-degree display case. The unique curved glass acts as a divider between sections, so you can display, store, and admire your treasures.

Liber D Bookcase from Tonelli|YLiving

Liber D Bookcase from Tonelli

The Liber D Bookcase from Tonelli is theLiber A Bookcase, just on a smaller scale. Opt for the drawer system to easily hide your unsightly clutter.

Honeycomb Flexible Shelving Unit from Quinze & Milan|YLiving

Honeycomb Flexible Shelving Unit from Quinze & Milan

For shelving that’s durable and adaptable, Quinze & Milan Honeycomb Flexible Shelving Unit is made to be dismantled, rebuilt, and expanded. Connect individual honeycombs to create a beehive for storing and displaying.

Urban-B Bookshelf from Domitalia|YLiving

Urban-B Bookshelf from Domitalia

Concrete and metal come together to create the Urban-B Bookshelf from Domitalia. This modern bookcase conveniently swivels 360-degrees. It’s like an urban magazine rack for your home.


BOX Bookcase from Huppe|YLiving

BOX Bookcase from Huppe

The BOX Bookcase, by Joel Dupras from Huppe, is as straightforward as they come. This modern bookcase’s use of negative space gives it an airy feel and an elegant silhouette while the shelving sections provide plenty of space for styling, stacking, and storing.

River Bookcase, 76-In. from Antonello Italia|YLiving

River Bookcase from Antonello Italia

The curved and cubed design of the River Bookcase from Antonello Italia offers options for organizing your clutter. Linked together these modern bookcases create a waved room divider or a semi-circle reading nook.

Noa Menor Modular Shelves, from Santa & Cole|YLiving

Noa Menor Modular Shelves, Set of 2 from Santa & Cole

Get your books up and off the floor with a wall full of floating shelves, like the Noa Menor Modular Shelves by Carme Pinos, from Santa & Cole.

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