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Modern Dinner Party Ideas

If you’re planning on playing hostess for a modern dinner party, we hope you’re good at juggling. We’d like to suggest a helper or two for balancing your hosting duties, hint: it’s all about the modern trolleyThrowing a modern dinner party means more than just providing a delicious meal and comfortable atmosphere. It’s about being present and engaging with your guests. We believe you shouldn’t have to miss out on all the fun and conversation. Here are some ideas for successful holiday entertaining.

Start with the Bar Cart

Corridor Bar from BDI|YLiving

Corridor Bar from BDI

Start with a well-stocked bar cart, like the Corridor Bar from BDI for arriving visitors to flock to. Provide everything they need like glassware, ice, and plenty of wine to keep them occupied while you finish setting up.


Open The Kitchen

Serveboy trolley from Indu+|YLiving

Serveboy trolley from Indu+

Let’s face it, your guests are there for you, though, we don’t doubt that you can cook up a mean holiday ham. Be prepared to engage with your guests, even when you’re still cooking. If you don’t already have an open kitchen, utilizing a cooking trolley, like the Serveboy trolley, can give you the option of keeping the conversation flowing while you finish that plate of hors d’oeuvres.

Roll in the Buffet

Tomboy from Indu+|YLiving

Tomboy from Indu+

Keep your guests well fed by going buffet style in the dining room. Roll in cooking cart to use as a buffet, like the Tomboy from Indu+. Keep extra supplies here like utensils, bottles of wine, and a pitcher of water, so you don’t have to get up and leave every time Jerry from the office drops his fork.

Dinner and a Show

Tomboy Duo Unico Basic Set from Indu+|YLiving

Tomboy Duo Unico Basic Set from Indu+

Rather than getting up and down between courses, consider cooking right in front of your guests with an induction cooking cart trolley. The Tomboy Duo Unico Basic Set from Indu+ features a Teppanyaki Plate, perfect for searing meat and grilling vegetables.

Load Up Dishes for Later

Beechboy cooking trolley from Indu+|YLiving

Beechboy from Indu+

It’s tempting to jump into cleanup mode, but the host should stay with their guests even as the party progresses. Pile up dirty dishes onto an empty cooking trolley, like the Beechboy, to deal with later. Once the guests are gone, you can just wheel it into the kitchen for easy clean up.

Take the Kitchen Outdoors

Serveboy Color from Indu+|YLiving

Serveboy Color from Indu+

If you’re hosting a rooftop dinner party, a cooking trolley is your best friend for outdoor modern catering. Trick out the Serveboy Color with the proper equipment and you’ll be ready to grill, sear, and serve anywhere.


Bartend Outside

Faz Double Counter with Ice Bucket, White Light and LED from Vondom|YLiving

Faz Double Counter with Ice Bucket, White Light and LED from Vondom

Play bartender for the evening and create a conversational area at the same time. The Vondom Faz Double Counter lights up to add some style and mood lighting to your evening dinner party.

Lisa Li

Lisa Li

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