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The Modern Handcrafted Sustainability of Bend Goods + Giveaway

With their base in Los Angeles, Bend Goods designs and manufactures furniture, lighting, and other home goods under the California sun. But Bend is much more than a range of furniture, it’s a way of living, of sustainability, craft, and the blurred line between function and sculpture.

Bend Goods’ Beginnings

Bend Goods Lucy Chair | YLiving
Lucy Chair from Bend Goods

Bend Goods began in 2010 by Gaurav Nanda, a sculptor and designer from Michigan. Infused with the images of the California Mid-Century Modern movement from his childhood summer vacations to Palm Springs, Bend Goods became the outlet for his passion to make sculptural objects that served a purpose. You’ll see the influence of that retro style that has marked that desert oasis in his sculptural designs. From a popping color palette, to those inviting shapes, down to the intuitive assembly and packaging, everything about Bend Goods is iconic, and done with sustainability in mind.

Sustainability for the Future

Bend Goods The Love Seat |YLiving
The Love Seat from Bend Goods

But acknowledging their manufacturing and shipping practices is just the start. Bend Goods has an awareness that thinks beyond the consumer of today. In light of our world’s fast pace consumerism, Bend strays from the fold. Where products fail is in their lifespan. Furniture has become a disposable commodity. Craftsmanship is failing us. Thus, to break the cycle of consume, trash, and repeat, Bend Goods creates products that are built to last. Not only that, but each product is designed to be timeless and with the intention of being passed on to the next generation.

Bend Goods Betty Stacking Chair |YLiving
Betty Stacking Chair from Bend Goods

Bend Goods is a company that commits themselves to the issues of environmental impact and responsible manufacturing processes. Their facilities strive to minimize waste, while maintaining the utmost respect for their workforce. They use iron as their primary material, a resource that is both inexhaustible and highly recyclable, in addition to locally sourced and sustainably harvested wood. Everything, from production, even down to their packaging has been designed to help minimize their carbon footprint.

Handcrafted and Built to Last

Bend Goods Low Back Stool |YLiving
Low Back Stool from Bend Goods

Bend Goods is certified for BIFMA (Business + Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association) 2012 standards. This formal test is conducted by an independent third party to review construction and weight capacity. As a result of meeting these high standards, every good made is contract grade and can withstand high traffic use.

Bend Goods Betty Stacking Chair |YLiving
Betty Stacking Chair from Bend Goods

Each chair is crafted by hand, using a technique of shaping intricate wire patterns by hand and spot welding. They’ve named this process “bending.” This method is done carefully to ensure that every bend is achieving the utmost structural strength. But structural integrity is just one facet. Comfort and utility must be considered, as the angles of the back, the curvature of the seat, as well as the distance between the wires all promote comfort, if done well.

Versatile Comfort

Bend Goods |YLiving
Plant Stand from Bend Goods

The intricate patterns aren’t just for show though. They lend to creating a chair that is so comfortable, it wows people. By welding the wires so close together, it infuses strength and rigidity into every chair. But best of all, these chairs aren’t meant to just stay inside. Because of the galvanization process and powder coating to prevent corrosion, Bend Goods produces furniture that is for the indoors and the outdoors too.


Bend Goods Captain Chair | YLiving January 2017 Giveaway
Captain Chair from Bend Goods

Captain Kirk. Captain Nemo. Captain Jack Sparrow. There’s no need to fantasize while sitting in The Captain Chair and Captain Cushion from Bend Seating. Whether positioned at the head of the table or the shoulder of the lawn, the modern design of this handcrafted chair allows for an air of distinction and class. And this month you have a chance to win your very own Captain Chair. Click here to enter.

For all of Bend Goods’ products, visit their page here on YLiving.

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