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Modern Holiday Decor

Deck the halls with modern holiday decor. Here’s a peak at some of our favorites this season though there’s plenty to choose from, so be sure to check out the rest of our modern holiday shop.

Modern Pearl Tree With Matte Silver Ornaments from Modern Christmas Trees|YLiving

Modern Pearl Tree With Matte Silver Ornaments from Modern Christmas Trees

While it may look like this tree is from the future, the Modern Pearl Tree  from Modern Christmas Trees isn’t from a scene in the Jetsons. Not only, but the story behind this modern holiday tree warms our hearts. If you’re looking for a similar fashion, may we recommend the Modern Pearl Tree With Shiny Red Ornaments. It’s all the same modern holiday goodness with pops of holly red ornaments.

Vermont Silver Leaf Evergreen from Simon Pearce|YLiving

Vermont Silver Leaf Evergreen from Simon Pearce

For classier holiday decor, the Vermont Silver Leaf Evergreen from Simon Pearce . Each tree is created using centuries-old hand blowing glass technique. Fine silver leaf is imbedded in the glass, creating a luxurious wintery scape. While these stand out beautifully on their own, consider setting them on a Rechargeable LED Light with Timer to really show off that silver leaf.

Christmas Tree Blanket, Triangle By Trine Andersen, from Ferm Living|YLiving

Christmas Tree Blanket, Triangle from Ferm Living

Surround your Christmas tree in geometric style with the Ferm Living Christmas Tree Blanket, Triangle. We love the bold black and white pattern. If you’re looking for something similar, may we introduce you to the Black Star Christmas Tree Blanket and Gold Star Christmas Tree Blanket also from Ferm Living and designed by Trine Andersen.

Gray Calendar Candle By Trine Andersen, from Ferm Living|YLiving

Gray Calendar Candle from Ferm Living

A new way to advent, the Calendar Candle from Ferm Living is available in three color options of gray, blue, and red. The Calendar Candle fits with Ferm Living’s Brass Block Candle Holder for an ideal modern holiday pairing.

Gray Candleholder String By Trine Andersen, from Ferm Living|YLiving

Gray Candleholder String from Ferm Living

Coil and shape the Gray Candleholder String from Ferm Living however you choose. The spherical shaped bases are effortlessly minimal and reminiscent of classic holiday ornaments. Stretch it out long across the mantel, or lay it out in a circular pattern for a modern advent wreath.

Chrismy Warm Light from Vondom|YLiving

Chrismy Warm Light from Vondom

These coiled Christmas trees light up, emitting a warm holiday ambience. The Chrismy Warm Light from Vondom are available in numerous sizes, from tiny to titanic. They’re also versatile enough for indoor and outdoor use, so you can decorate your front lawn for a jolly modern holiday display.

Infinite Tree from Areaware|YLiving

Infinite Tree from Areaware

We just can’t decide what color we like best on the Infinite Tree from Areaware. Classic plain ole pine, black and white stripes, or hues of green, there’s a hue for every mood. There’s even a rainbow option if you’re looking for a bright pop of holiday cheer.

Kelly Tirman

Kelly Tirman

After spending 10+ years living in a modern San Francisco loft, Kelly moved her family to a bungalow in the burbs. She now enjoys dreaming up home renovation and design projects in order turn her family's post-war cottage into the modern home of their dreams.

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