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Modern Holiday Table Setting Ideas

Looking to create the perfect holiday table setting? Whether it’s for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or Christmas, our guide to modern table settings is just in time for the holidays.


Menu A/S New Norm Dinnerware Starter Set Modern Holiday Table Setting | YLiving
New Norm Dinnerware Starter Set By Norm Architects, from Menu A/S

For the base of your holiday place settings, stick with neutral plates, like the New Norm Dinnerware Starter Set in a creamy white. By going neutral, not only will it allow you to mix and match other dinnerware pieces with ease, but the food absolutely pops off of its neutral background.

New Norm Dinnerware Starter Set Holiday Table Settings | YLiving
New Norm Dinnerware Starter Set By Norm Architects, from Menu A/S

Better yet, use a large white plate as you base and mix in some soft color, as seen here with the New Norm Dinnerware in smoke and ocean. By incorporating various plates in different colors, it adds interest as well as distinction between plate uses.

Alessi Colombina Collection Holiday Table Settings | YLiving
Colombina Collection Dinnerware By Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, from Alessi

For your accent plates, consider going with a more decorative look to create visual interest. These Colombina Collection Dinnerware accent plates from Alessi provide a  break from the traditional, thanks to their sculptural style. The unique shape and nesting design helps to keep the Holiday table from looking too cluttered or overcrowded.


Normann copenhagen Normann cutlery 16 piece gift boxHoliday Table Settings | YLiving
Normann Cutlery 16-piece Gift Box By Aaron Probyn, from Normann Copenhagen

For flatware, consider sleek modern shapes over ornate styles. This design is fitting for an array of place settings. The matte finish on the Normann Cutlery flatware provides texture, while giving your holiday place settings a more casual and contemporary look.


Iittala Lemp Glasses Set of 4 Holiday Table Settings | YLiving
Lempi Glasses, Set of 4 By Matti Klenell, from Iittala

Whether you’re serving water or wine, a multifunctional glass is the way to go. The Lempi Glasses are arguable the best drinkware you’ll ever find. A casual cup is elevated just so by its stem, helping to kick things up a notch.


Holiday Place Settings |YLiving
Linen Napkins, Set of 4 from Skargaarden

Finish off the perfect place setting with a linen napkin. These Linen Napkins from Skargaarden are simple and versatile. In white they go with just about any placemat or theme, making them ideal for any of your holiday celebrations.

Candles + Accents

Holiday Table Settings |YLiving
Brass Circle Candle Holder By Trine Andersen, from Ferm Living

The warm gold of the Brass Circle Candle Holder is useful all year round. While it’s meant as an advent wreath, its modern shape and simple style make it a versatile way to bring candles into your table setting no matter the season.

Holiday Table Settings |YLiving
Bold Menorah from Moooi

For a modern Hanukkah, the Bold Menorah makes for a dramatic and sculptural centerpiece. Its jet black coloring in addition to its laser cut details is a chic way to celebrate the Festival of Lights.

Holiday Table Settings |YLiving
Gray Candleholder String By Trine Andersen, from Ferm Living

Spread the joy of the Christmas season with the Gray Candleholder String. Like a string of pearls, its versatile shape can be positioned into endless patterns. When positioned into a circle it can be used as a modern Advent wreath as well.


Holiday Table Settings |YLiving
Winterland Brass Tree, Outline from Ferm Living

Spread a few Winterland Brass Trees among your seasonal table decor for the perfect finishing touch.

Holiday Table Settings |YLiving
Hudson 2, 24-Hole Flute from Chive

Flowers are a classic way to dress a holiday table, but finding the right vase can be challenging. The is the perfect vase to fill with flowers for a holiday center piece. Its low profile as well as its clear class construction make it ideal for the dinner table. No having to crane your neck over a tall bouquet of flowers.


Holiday Table Settings |YLiving
Holy Family Ornament Casper Wise Man By Marcel Wanders, from Alessi

Finish off your holiday table top decor with these beautiful ornaments. These Holy Family Ornaments designed by Marcel Wanders are a colorful way to display an unconventional Nativity, while you celebrate the season of Advent.

Holiday Table Settings |YLiving
Porcelain Ornament, Gold Splash By Trine Andersen, from Ferm Living

Simple yet elegant, these Porcelain Ornaments feature a splash of glittering gold. Whether its hanging on a Christmas tree, or dotting the table during Thanksgiving, it’ll add add contemporary style to any  holiday decor.

Dining Table

Holiday Dining Tables |YLiving
Apex Extending Dining Table from TemaHome

While creating a holiday table setting, nothing would be complete without a holiday dining table. An extension dining table, such as the Apex from TemaHome, is great for big get-togethers.

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