House Tour: Luxurious Loft

Come with me on a modern house tour as we step foot into a Luxurious Loft, where a monochromatic color palette of black and white is warmed by crumbling brick and muted purple accents. Modern furniture is offset by quirky pieces for a blend of eclectic design that is perfect for a loft setting. 

White, white, and more white! I love the sweeping color palette in this room, and how the theme of Mannequins is tastefully portrayed here. And since everything is so stark it really allows the collage of black and white photographs to pop off the wall.
Tom Dixon is certainly getting some love in this small dining area. A Stout Beat Light and two Tall Beat Lights hang above a Screw Base Table in Birch. More black and white photographs make for a tasteful and restrained eating area.
The exposed brick walls add a warm industrial note this contemporary room. This room really serves as the heart of the home, where the dark wood floors are broken up by a soft high piled rug.
The introduction of this soft purple really makes this space inviting, and I like how the kitchen has been sectioned off yet you can still see inside.
A trio of Raimond Suspension Lights from Moooi create a dreamy and romantic nook. The pile of purple pillows on the bed add a luxurious and slight bohemian touch while carrying over the more muted purple from the living room.
We’re back to white in the bathroom, but the marble tiles help to break up any starkness. The whimsical touches in here are what makes this home so unique, like the Johnny B. Butterfly Pendant Light. And the use of a small side table in that lovely shade of purple adds depth and color.
Designing with monochromatic palettes is certainly Chamar’ds trademark. The heaviness of the black cabinets, appliances, and the dark grey counter tops are broken up with the use of That chalk board wall is beautiful and made so complete with the drawing of the Madonna! And the Campari Pendant Lamps  hanging up above are perfect for the space.
Yet another quirky element, a coat hanger gets a glamorous spotlight here!
Thanks for joining me on another modern house tour! This Luxurious Loft was styled by Stephane Chamard and photographed by Lisa Petrole.

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Kelly Tirman

Kelly Tirman

After spending 10+ years living in a modern San Francisco loft, Kelly moved her family to a bungalow in the burbs. She now enjoys dreaming up home renovation and design projects in order turn her family's post-war cottage into the modern home of their dreams.

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