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Modern Italian Design For Your Dining Room

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Bring a little modern Italian design into your home with these Italian dining room favorites. Full of modern creativity, yet never lacking in sophistication, here are our top 10 modern Italian designs for your dining room. 

1. Cementino Dining Table

The Cementino Dining Table is a beautiful arrangement of wood that features a unique element. Taking inspiration from geometric floor tiling, hexagonal cement tiles are inlayed into the top of the table. Available in two versions, the black finish pulls from classic monochromatic tile patterns to create an inspiring design.

2. Gamma Chair

Bring a fresh look into your dining space with the unique composition of the Gamma Chair.  The smooth, curving lines of the white lacquered seat are offset by the sharp angles of the natural wooden base, creating a contrast of shapes and elements.

3. Blow Up Basket

Modern Italian Design |YLiving

Blow Up Basket By Fernando Campana, from Alessi

While its haphazard design might make the Blow Up Basket look unusable, it’s actually surprisingly functional. Use it as a decorative object such as a simple centerpiece on a dining room table. Or, use it as a practical piece in the kitchen as a fruit bowl.

4. Veneziano Water Glass

With the name meaning “of Venice”, Veneziano Water Glasses capture the spirit of traditional glass blowing on the Island of Murano in the Venetian Lagoon. Each glass in this set is hand-made and comes in an array of vibrant colors so that you can mix and match to create your ideal set.

5. Pulcina Espresso Maker

Nothing says Italian living quiet like enjoying a cup of espresso and the Pulcina Espresso Maker makes it easy to whip up your own. This stove top espresso maker captures the distinctive style of Alessi’s modern Italian design. Everything, down to the pointed spout to the elegant curves, has been intensely researched in order to bring you the perfect up.

6. Mojito Trolley

The Mojito Trolley brings style and function to the modern dining room. It’s steel frame creates a clean and minimal aesthetic wherever it rolls. Expertly thought out, the Trolley features two levels along with integrated steel compartments so there’s a place for everything.

7. One More Stool

Philippe Starck’s One More Stool is a classic piece of modern Italian design. Add elegance and charm to any space with its clear construction and hauntingly chic silhouette.

8. Officina Bistro Table, 32-In.

Modern Italian Design |YLiving

Officina Bistro Table, 32-In. By Ronan Bouroullec, from Magis

Take your table to new heights with the Officina Bistro Table. The table features a simple wood top balancing atop wrought iron legs. As a result, this table brings a unique rustic element to modern spaces.


9. Bloccone Cabinet

The Bloccone Cabinet provides adequate space for storing dishes and serveware in the modern dining room. Its design seems to resemble a concrete block sitting on top of a wooden palette. But, it’s cleverly made from wood and mdf.

10. Kart Trolley

Light and airy, Tonelli’s Kart Trolley expresses a different approach to the classic serving cart. Constructed of glass, the cart boasts voluptuous curves and an elegant silhouette. A contrast of frosted and clear glass gives you glimpses of what’s inside to tempt and tantalize just as much as the design.

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