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Spotlight: Modern Italian Brands

August is the time when Italy slows down and takes a much needed break and that means European manufacturer summer closures. If you haven’t felt the urgency to place your order for Italian designs yet, maybe you will after taking a look at some of our favorite Italian brands.

Cattelan Italia

Italian Designs |YLiving
Skorpio Keramik Table, Oval from Cattelan Italia

An award winning brand, Cattelan Italia has been producing custom furniture since 1979 and is one of Italy’s biggest furniture manufactures. They specialize in crafting marble furniture out of luxurious Italian marbles like black Marquina and white Carrara. If you’re looking for classic pieces with a timeless appeal, the modern look of Cattelan Italia adds sophistication that will enhance the feelings of serenity and harmony within your home.

Tonin Casa

Italian Designs|YLiving
Cora Side Table from Tonin Casa

Established in 1975 by Gianni Tonin, Tonin Casa is seeks to produce contemporary and traditional furniture of the highest standards. Every piece is made in Italy, showcasing the brand’s pride for Italian design and craftsmanship.


Italian Designs |YLiving
L’Eau Counter Stool from Calligaris

Founded by Antonio Calligaris in 1923, Calligaris has been a leader in contemporary Italian designs ever since. Beginning in wood craftsmanship, the brand has extended their reach beyond the traditional and into innovative technologies. The result was a total expansion of the brand as they introduced modern designs in a range of mediums, such as plastics, glass, metals, textiles, and leather. With products that are designed for the everyday, Calligaris is a brand that’s well within reach.


Italian Designs |YLiving
Reiet Children’s Chair from Magis

From elegant to playful, Magis has been crossing the boundaries on contemporary furniture and Italian designs since 1976. In Latin, Magis means “more than” which certainly sums up the brand’s line of products. In 2004, Magis expanded their reach into the world of children, designing delightful toys and innovative pieces with kids in mind.


Italian Designs |YLiving
Arc Sideboard from Domitalia

Domitalia has been distributing their Italian designs since 1999. With a style that’s clean and modern, Domitalia seeks to develop quality designs that are comfortable for living. As supporters of eco-friendly manufacturing processes, Domitalia selects materials that are sustainable and help to protect the environment.


Italian Designs |YLiving
Pinocchio Side Table from Valsecchi1918

Valsecchi1918 is the story of Giacomo Valsecchi and his imaginative wood working. What began as creating wooden toys, like Pinocchios and trucks, transformed into fashioning home accessories and later modern furniture. Rooted in Italian wood crafting, Valsecchi1918 continues to look back to where they came from while remaining conscientious of the path ahead.

If you have your heart set on one of these iconic modern Italian designs, make sure you order them now, before it’s too late and these Italian manufactures close up shop for the summer.

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