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Modern Laundry Room

Back in mid-April, I visited Milan’s Salone del Mobile trade show, and the hottest new trend I saw was the Modern Laundry Room. Though often over-looked from a design perspective, we actually spend a lot of our time in laundry rooms. Designers are now focusing on how to enhance the beauty and efficiency of these vital areas. With that in mind, here are some tips on transforming your ho-hum utility space into a luxurious modern laundry room with some of our favorite products on YLiving:

Modern Laundry Room |YLiving
Pax™ Zero-Radius 24 Inch 18 Gauge Handmade Undermount Single Bowl Stainless Steel Laundry and Utility Sink from Kraus

The designated laundry sink and faucet of old are an eyesore and feel more like the utility sink that belongs next to a commercial mop and bucket in the cleaning supply closet. Opt for a sleek and modern stainless steel sink, like this Kraus Stainless Steel Laundry and Utility Sink.

Farmhouse 3018 Kitchen Sink from Native Trails

Laundry sinks can be laundry-specified, but farmhouse sinks make for a practical alternative. Deep and wide, the Farmhouse 3018 Kitchen Sink from Native Trails has plenty of room to do some work, just make sure you have a stopper so you can fill the sink to soak delicate garments.

Modern Laundry Room |YLiving
Metris 2 Spray HighArc Kitchen Faucet from Hansgrohe

Pull-out faucets are a good investment for a modern laundry room. The Metris 2 Spray HighArc Kitchen Faucet has a high arc for more clearance, allowing for plenty of room for soaking and scrubbing while the handy pull-out allows you to direct the spray so water won’t get everywhere.

Modern Laundry Room |YLiving
Kitoi Storage from Ambiance Bain 

A successful modern laundry has lots of storage and counter space. The Kitoi collection from Ambiance Bain has the same height bench with either open shelving or large drawers, and coordinating wall-mounted shelf options.

Modern Laundry Room |YLiving
Moll Waste Bin from Keuco

A tall wastebasket, like the Moll Waste Bin has a larger capacity and closer reach, making throwing out dryer lint, used dryer sheets, and wrappers left in pockets that much easier. Unlike in a bathroom, the waste bin doesn’t need to be as discreet so go for a larger one.

Modern Laundry Room |YLiving
Jeeves D Curved Towel Warmer from Amba Towel Warmers

Aside from installing clothing racks, you’ll need lots of places to hang dry your clothing. Consider upgrading to a towel warmer to expedite drying. The Jeeves collection from Amba is IPX5 rated, which means it’s safe in damp environments. The Jeeves D Curved Towel Warmer is easier to use than the traditional flat and straight ones, plus it mount to wall to help save space.

Globo Affetto 2012 005
Affetto Freestanding Towel Rail Tall from Ceramica Globo

A classic drying rack keeps drying clothes up and off the floor. A freestanding drying rack can be moved around to suit your needs and doesn’t need to be installed. The Affetto Freestanding Towel Rail Tall is designed in Italy and makes for a stylish addition to the modern laundry room.

Modern Laundry Room |YLiving
Frisco Laundry Bin from blomus

Sorting laundry is not my idea of a good time, but by having multiple hampers it makes sorting just a little bit easier. The Frisco Laundry Bin is tall, elegant, and slim, and there are even multiple colors to choose from like grey and cream. Have one for lights, one for darks, and another for colors.

Finish off with a hi-tech washer and dryer and you’re all set– add a wall-mounted television or a music player, and you’ll find excuses to visit the laundry room even when there’s no laundry to be done.

Sharon Choe

Sharon Choe

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