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Modern Living Room Furniture Ideas: Storage Solutions

Perfectly organized, beautiful modern living rooms: we’ve all seen them in design magazines, and gaped with a mix of envy and bewilderment. Are they real? Do people actually live in such exquisitely clean, spare spaces? The answer is yes. But they have a secret: amazing modern storage. Whether an ottoman or side table with secret compartments, or spacious cabinets and consoles with ample drawer space, picking the right storage for your modern living room will instantly decrease clutter and increase the comfort of this key room in your home. Read on for modern living room furniture ideas and design tips that maximize storage opportunities in smart ways. You’ll be amazed at the square footage and sense of spaciousness you can gain with the right modern living room décor.

Wireframe End Table from Gus* Modern|YLiving

Wireframe End Table from Gus* Modern

If you’re like us, those inspiring-yet-jealousy-sparking design magazines tend to pile up around the house. Corral your reading material—or throw blankets, pillows, and other living room ephemera—in the base of this clever Wireframe End Table from Gus* Modern.

Mimico Storage Ottoman from Gus* Modern|YLiving

Mimico Storage Ottoman from Gus* Modern

The powder-coated steel grid framework contains your stuff while keeping it visible. Similarly, the Gus* Modern Mimico Storage Ottoman has a padded seat that lifts up to reveal a hidden spot for books or blankets, and a plywood side cubby for extra storage.

OTO1OO Storage System from Muuto|YLiving

OTO1OO Storage System from Muuto

For bigger pieces—and a more sculptural approach to storage—opt for the OTO1OO Storage System by Muuto, made of modular fiberglass rings that can easily reassemble into different configurations to suit your storage needs and decorating whims.

Shale 2 Door:2 Drawer Wall-Mounted Cabinet from Blu Dot|YLiving

Shale 2 Door/2 Drawer Wall-Mounted Cabinet from Blu Dot

One way to create a sense of airiness in your living room (and make life easier for your Roomba) is to raise media storage up off the floor. The handsome wall-mounted Shale 2 Door/2 Drawer Wall-Mounted Cabinet does just that, with luxurious touches like solid ash construction and full-grain leather pulls.

Series 11 6 Drawer Console from Blu Dot|YLiving

Series 11 6 Drawer Console from Blu Dot

Or opt for a piece with thin, stainless steel legs that make the console appear to float, as in the Series 11 6 Drawer Console. This piece offers ample storage in its six oak drawers, as well as a delightful secret within them: a red interior lining that offers a surprising pop of color every time they’re opened.

Reflect Sideboard, Small from Muuto|YLiving

Reflect Sideboard, Small from Muuto

For smaller spaces, another modern living room furniture idea we love the compact Reflect Sideboard, just 41.3 inches wide, but with four practical drawers to contain everyday necessities. Each drawer front has a unique thickness and curve, creating ever-changing plays of light and shadow across the piece. It packs a lot of visual punch, but in a quiet, restrained way that won’t busy up your room—which is key to minimalist decor and simple modern living room design.

Uten.Silo By Dorothee Becker, from Vitra|YLiving

Uten.Silo  from Vitra

Everyday objects can be elevated—both literally and figuratively—with artful storage, and Vitra has that mastered. Its classic Uten.Silo wall organizer, with discreet metal hooks and different-sized plastic catchalls, has kept surfaces uncluttered—and made mundane, utilitarian objects look great—since Dorothee Becker first designed it in 1969.

Corniches Shelves By Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, from Vitra|YLiving

Corniches Shelves from Vitra

Or consider the charming Corniches Shelves by star French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec—tiny, glossy, island-like wall shelves that can pepper a wall, adding visual interest while displaying small objects. As Ronan Bouroullec has said of the design, “the same way that we hang our beach towel on a rock jutting from a cliff before diving into the sea, we need small storage spaces in everyday life, too.” We couldn’t agree more—and your newly organized, newly fabulous modern living room will be living proof.

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