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Introducing: Bernhardt Design

I am excited to be sharing a new brand here at YLiving. Introducing Bernhardt Design, a modern design company that was born from the 125-year old Bernhardt Furniture Company. Bernhardt Design specializes in furniture design that is well suited for modern living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens. Here’s a look into the brand and a few of their iconic pieces:  

Go Chair from Bernhardt Design

Not only was the Go Chair the first of its kind, but it was its breakthrough design that became and icon for Bernhardt Design, and solidified their reputation as a leading and innovative brand. This futuristic chair has a silver powder coated magnesium frame, which gives it that chromatic shine.

Mitt Lounge Chair from Bernhardt Design

Designers drew inspiration from the shape of a baseball glove to come up with this fun and plush lounge chair. The Mitt Lounge Chair is a casual yet contemporary piece that would go great in game rooms or modern living rooms, and is easily moveable thanks to a built in handle and hidden casters.

Modern Living Rooms |YLiving
Mills Sofa from Bernhardt Design

A sleek profile and elegant in a creamy white leather, the Mills Sofa would make a chic addition to modern living rooms. The accent of walnut wood as the base with bronzed metal rings really add the finishing touch to this contemporary sofa.

Modern Living Rooms |YLiving
Los Andes Cocktail Table from Bernhardt Design

The Los Andes Cocktail Table is not your average coffee table. Unlike traditional tray-styled tables, this one features a sloping and angled rim, which adds interest and sets this cocktail table apart from the rest.

Modern Living Rooms |YLiving
cp.2 Lounge Chair from Bernhardt Design

Designed by Charles Pollock, the cp.2 Lounge Chair has a smooth curved profile that flows from top to bottom. The fluidity of design makes this chair the perfect addition to modern living rooms and even the office.

Modern Living Rooms|YLiving
Anne Chair from Bernhardt Design

Fun and colorful, artistic and graceful, the Anne Chair is a fusion of organic and modern design.

Modern Living Rooms |YLiving
Laine Bar Stool from Bernhardt Design

The clean, modern lines of the Laine Bar Stool make it minimal and organic. It’s simple and airy design makes a wonderful addition to modern kitchens.

There are just too many pieces from Bernhardt Design that I wanted to share you with you. So, if you’re interested in seeing more, click here to view everything this brand has to offer.

Jennifer Harford

Jennifer Harford

Jennifer is a Senior Site Merchandiser at YLiving and an interior design major dropout. With a passion for design, but a total lack of CAD skills, she went on to a career in metal working at SDSU. In her free time Jennifer enjoys reading Sci-Fi novels, hiking the Bay Area wilderness, and obsessing over Game of Thrones.

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