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Modern Master Bedroom Ideas

The modern master bedroom might be an en suite (with a bathroom attached), the largest room in the home, or another distinction that makes it the best bedroom in the home. There’s no set rule that defines a master, so it might be up to the homeowner or realtor to decide which gets the title based on factors like view, floor space, closet size, and other features. But what really makes the master? Read on to find out.

A Defined Space

In massively spacious or loft-style homes, you can define a cozy master bedroom area using dividers other than built-in walls. A bed with a very tall headboard might do the trick, as can a curtain or screen.

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Window Dressing

Pretty and dramatic curtains further define the master bedroom with a touch of elegance that relays back to the cozy cocoons of curtained canopy beds from before central heating was a thing. Hang curtains higher than your windows (even up to the ceiling if it’s on the lower side) to give the room a more spacious look.

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Sitting Pretty

As an escape from the rest of the home, the master can include a sitting area for those quiet moments that are best enjoyed seated. Think Sunday afternoons spent with the Times crossword or novel, a bit of knitting away from the buzz of the TV and kids, or a cup of tea after work to decompress. Just add a reading lamp to a cozy lounge chair, and you’re there.

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Break Conventions

In bedrooms with lots of window space, it may be tempting to keep all furniture far from those coveted openings. But a bed can certainly block a window (or an unused sliding door) if you like--especially if that window is covered. And you need not lose natural light if you hang sheers instead of heavy curtains.

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Commit to Change

A neutral base is the perfect starting point for decorators who are subject to whims and trends, as well as those who might not know what they like just yet. Wood as a neutral is rarely a bad decision when going with a modern look for your furniture. And a muted palette in major pieces (here in the bed, wall, and rug) let you play with other decor that’s more easily swapped out and less of a financial commitment to alter--think smaller, layered area rugs, bedding, portable lighting, and other decor.

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Keep a Lookout

Preserve a great view with low-profile furniture and lighting that isn’t too heavy. Metallics are a great choice, especially at night, when the shiny shades will twinkle with the ambient reflection from the city lights below. These golden shades coordinate with the nighttime landscape and are pretty neutrals by day.

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Monroe Bed from Modloft | YLiving
Less is More

While nightstands are a tried-and-true option for the bedroom, a bed frame with built-ins looks sleek, seamless, and tidy in an ultramodern space. You may still need just as much space (or more) as with traditional night tables, but the cohesive look is worth measuring twice.

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Take Center Stage

Even if your bedroom isn’t in a stunning glass house, putting your bed smack in the in center of the room makes a strong statement. The bed is the focal point of the bedroom anyway, so why not act like it?

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Nothing to Hide

Another strong master bedroom look is the open-concept closet. This works if you’re very organized and take pride in displaying your worldly goods. It can also help a room that’s on the smaller side (or one that lacks a closet altogether) to look tidy and spacious. Choose coordinating storage and curate your collection to avoid a mess.

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Call of the Wild

With a good landscape view, furniture with a natural feel blends with the outdoor surroundings and imparts serenity to your indoor activities. A room like this can feel like it’s right up in the tree tops, lending a strong feeling of escapist hedonism to a room that should already feel like a getaway.

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Use Good Bones

Work with the architecture of your space (commonly referred to as the “bones” of a home) and let it be a design element. The master bedroom can be tucked up in an attic space or down in a finished basement. Feel free to use slanted ceilings and all the nooks and crannies to your pleasure. Plus, added features like dormer windows and skylights can be particularly romantic in a bedroom.

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Buck up on Basics

A mattress on the floor does hardly a master bedroom make, but you will need a mattress to make the most of your master. Choose the very best mattress you can afford, and consider trying the largest mattress your room will accommodate. Even if you sleep solo, a really big bed is a welcome sight at the end of a long day.

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Layers of Light

Layered lighting is as important in the master bedroom as in any other room in the house. Bedside task lighting is key for reading in bed, accent lighting on shelving or in closets highlights wherever you want, and a showstopping chandelier is especially delightful in the boudoir (especially when installed on its own dimmer switch).

Image via Gin Design Group

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Wild Style

Be it funky, fastidious, or formidable, your personal taste can be showcased in the master bedroom. Since guests are not likely to congregate here, you can let your own style shine as bright as you like. Pattern and color aren’t off the table, and a very special piece like this Flos chandelier feels that much more decadent when it’s for your eyes only.

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Perhaps more important here than in any other room, everything you touch in the master bedroom should feel sumptuous and comfortable. Nubby rugs, thick covers, and squishy pillows will be in contact with more of you in the bedroom than other places (unless you’re au naturel in every room--we don’t judge) so make sure to choose all surfaces with their tactile sensations in mind.

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Luxurious Linens

Bedding is an easy and fun way to update the master bedroom with little commitment. Plus, when covered by a slightly more permanent duvet or comforter, you’re free to go wild with pattern, color, and even material without detracting from the room’s overall scheme. As with your mattress choice, though, select high quality linens for the best feel and longest lasting solutions.

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Toss a Throw On It

A super quick update can be affected by adding throws in various colors and styles. They’re great to grab in case the temperature drops and add a pop of color and texture wherever they’re, well, thrown.

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Right Underfoot

Area rugs are practically required in the master bedroom if you have hard floors; after all, who wants to pop out of bed on a winter morning to place their feet on anything but something soft and warm? A rug can also be a touch of luxury in moderate climes, and you can even layer them over carpet to add color and define a space.

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Up and Away

While the bedroom gets a lot of use (a third of your life spent sleeping, among other things), your master suite need not look any worse for wear. Added storage in the form of armoires, credenzas, and even beds with drawers help keep a handle on clutter and distraction, so your bedroom is always tranquil and welcoming.

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In an ideal world, your master bedroom would have more than enough room for a large bed flanked by two matching nightstands, a dressing area with armoire and a lounge chair or two for your morning coffee. But in the real world, most bedrooms require more forethought when devising a layout. The first thing you should do is measure your room and see what size bed fits best. Read more on How to Design a Modern Bedroom in our helpful guide.


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