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Modern Metallics

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Modern furniture and accessories featuring metallic finishes are more popular than ever. Check out this selection of designs and add instant sparkle to any space.

Spun Vase Trio from Tom Dixon

This Trio of Spun Copper Vases features three uniquely shaped table top vases to be displayed individually or nested together. This perfectly giftable set features copper surfaces that will tarnish over time, creating layers of individual patinas and a unique personality for each. Vases are coated inside with a permanent black epoxy lacquer for water resistance. A Tom Dixon logo is etched on the base. Each vase is treated with an anti-tarnish lacquer which is a temporary clear surface finish and will wash off in its first few washings. Also offered in a Tall Single Copper Vase.

Nick and the Candlestick from MatterMade

Nick and the Candlestick takes inspiration from the unlikely combination of antique brass weights and measures and a Sylvia Plath poem of the same name. Nine polished brass candle holders, which vary in height, rest atop an elegant walnut tray. When candles are in place atop the narrow brass holders, the candles almost appear to float above their own reflection. You may use all nine brass candle holders together on the tray or spread them throughout the room in smaller groups for a variety of looks. Nick and the Candlestick comes with a set of nine candles.

Etch Tea Light Holder from Tom Dixon

Launched as part of Flash Factory, at the Tom Dixon stand in Salone Del Mobile (Milan), the Etch collection includes this digitally manufactured candle-holder etched in brass. Made by employing an industrial process used to produce electronic products, including circuit boards, the method allows for intricate detailed patterns to be cut directly onto the metal.

The geodesic structure is made up of sections of 0.4mm etched brass sheets inspired by the logic of pure mathematics. The detailed pattern creates a mass of intricate shadows when lit. Batch produced, Etch demonstrates Future Industry, where small numbers of high-tech products can be produced in greatly reduced time scales. Select Brass, Copper or Stainless Steel.

Rubino Square Coffee Table from Sovet Italia

Comprised of a single piece of bent glass, the Rubino Square Coffee Tables add refined elegance to modern living spaces. The distinguishable angular legs, achieved through an exclusive bending process, flow seamlessly from one side to the next. Select clear glass to highlight the floating silhouette of Rubino, or add a colorful twist by selecting a lacquered or plated glass. In any glass, the Rubino Rectangular Coffee Table provides the perfect minimal look.

Precious Stone Stool from Kartell

The Precious Collection renews Kartell’s most coveted designs through a knock-out range of metallic finishes that elevate the look of these iconic pieces as well as the aesthetic of your modern spaces. Bring a touch of glimmer and glam into your home with Kartell’s sophisticated Precious line, including the Precious Stone Stool.

Stone is a stool with a simple shape but with a very precious appearance. Made with an essential symmetrical linear shape which is reminiscent of an hourglass, its surface is simply extraordinary: it’s irregular and comprised of a myriad of geometrical facets which reflect the light and create a striking and unique play of colors, much like a diamond. Due to its jewel-like nature, Stone is offered in the colors of the precious stones.

Form Bowl from Tom Dixon

A set of five bowls of varying sizes, the Tom Dixon Tall Form Bowl is a a testament to true craftsmanship and contemporary design. Beginning life as a single sheet of copper, each bowl is beaten, bashed and hammered thousands of times to achieve their curved exteriors. Finished with a warm gold wash and a matte black exterior, the piece is refined but still individual and bears the hand beaten signature of its making. Pair with the smaller version for a cohesive table top setting.

Copper Real Good Chair from Blu Dot

The bent form, laser-cut, super cool Real Good Chair is now offered in a Copper plated finish. Intended to patina naturally with handling and age, Real Good Copper takes on its own unique appearance as it ages oh-so gracefully. As with the original, this version ships flat and folds along laser-cut lines to create a dynamic and comfortable chair.

Precious Bourgie Table Lamp from Kartell

A classic design merged with modern innovation — the Bourgie Table Lamp reinvents the traditional baroque silhouette with a uniquely executed structure in polycarbonate, one of the 21st century’s most popular modern materials. Bourgie’s baroque-styled base is composed of three decorated layers that interconnect, and the large lampshade is made with a plissé effect to create a myriad play of reflections when the lamp is turned on. Thanks to a special coupling system on the lampshade, it can be assembled at three different heights: 26.75″, 28.75″, or 30.75″, and features a touch-sensitive dimmer.

Bone Large Bowl from Tom Dixon

A sculptural bowl for the table top that functions as an ideal fruit bowl or a decorative centerpiece. The Bone Large Bowl offered by Tom Dixon, made from solid brass with a matte finish, each stand is shaped into an intricate lattice form. Bearing a bone-like quality, it is cast from a solid piece of brass, left unlacquered.

Precious Taj Mini LED Table Lamp from Kartell

Hot on the heels of the success of the Taj LED Table Lamp is the Taj Mini, a compact version produced on a smaller scale, making it even more versatile and practical. Taj Mini’s design has a discreet presence that is perfect on night table, but nevertheless makes a bold statement. It is offered in a new range of captivating metallic finishes, distinguishing it from its “big sister”.

Lift Server/Stand from Fferrone Design

The simply elegant Lift Server Stand redefines table top settings. Use it for displaying fruit, serving cocktails or creating centerpieces with candles or small decorative accents. This tray is finished in brushed copper which is waxed to a beautiful sheen. Elevated by its three leg stand, this sculptural serving piece can be used at the table or as a decorative accessory in modern living spaces or bedroom settings.

My Robot, Gold Limited Edition from Seletti

My Robot, Gold Limited Edition from the Memorabilia Collection calls to mind images of retro science fiction books and movies. Memorabilia takes on an extra layer of significance through its connection to historical events and the culture of entertainment while simultaneously connecting one to personal and social memories of days gone by. This porcelain robot recreates a souvenir evoking treasured memories of a special time and place. Immortalize those days of space adventures and men from Mars with the Memorabilia My Gold Robot.

Precious Shanghai Vase from Kartell

Inspired by the lights of Shanghai, Mario Bellini’s stunning multifaceted vase opens from the base to the top in a swirling motion that projects light and energy. Like refracted light radiating from prism-like crystals with alternating rays and shadows, the Shanghai Vase creates fascinating irregular geometric forms.

Jet Coffee Table from Cattelan Italia

The result of the best in Italian design, the Jet Coffee Table draws inspiration from eye catching minimalist design. Sleek and creative, it sports a seamless design, creating the illusion of being crafted from a single piece of stainless steel. Each side is artfully bent to form its angular and thought provoking legs. Choose the perfect color for your modern space. A strong presence, this modern coffee table turns any room into an impressive modern living space for generations to come.

Gold Gem Candlestick from Tom Dixon

The Gold Gem Candlestick by Tom Dixon is a brass-finished aluminum candlestick with an extreme silhouette referencing forms seen on Medieval and eccelesiastical table tops. Inspired by the facets of cut gemstones, and like a gold ingot, each piece bears the unique imprint of the rough sand in which it is cast.

Washington Skeleton™ Plated Aluminum Chair from Knoll

Establishing harmony between propping and balancing, the Washington Skeleton™ Aluminum Plated Chair is both functional and sculptural. Constructed of die-cast aluminum with a sleek copper plated finish, and featuring a geometric lattice back, the chair makes a stylish statement to complement your modern space.

Tangle Vase from Stelton

Infuse some copper shine and metallic edge into your home decor with the Tangle Vase. Around the Tangle Vase is a decorative band of copper that has been lacquered to preserve its shine. The pattern of the copper band is unpredictable, so it adds a dynamic and ever-changing appearance to the vase, depending on which angle of the vase you are viewing. If you are looking for quality, style and grace, the Tangle Vase represents it all. The copper band decoration may also be removed for additional looks.


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