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Natural Stone Accessories That Will Rock Your Home

Nature has long been an influential part of art and design. Marble, slate and even semi-precious gemstones are all stunning in their own right, but they bring a little something extra when used in everyday items for the home. These modern accessories are rockin‘ hardy, edgy design that make for beautiful additions to any home.

Stone Chopping Board

Natural Materials | Stone Chopping Board By Tom Dixon, from Tom Dixon |YLiving Stone Home Accessories
Stone Chopping Board By Tom Dixon, from Tom Dixon

Fresh, white Morwad marble gives Tom Dixon’s Stone Chopping Board a practical, yet understated elegance. Its smooth, beveled edges softens up the look, while a removable brass dish adds a glint of glamour. It’s perfect for chopping fresh veggies or for serving up warm bread alongside oil and vinegar.

 Ita + Forma Cheese Set

Natural Materials | Ita + Forma Cheese Set from ANNA by RabLabs|YLiving Stone Home Accessories
Ita + Forma Cheese Set from ANNA by RabLabs

The Ita + Forma Cheese Set is a slice of striking gemstone with a natural elegance to it. It’s polished smooth for a high shine finish and paired with a metallic stainless steel spreader for spreading butter or soft cheeses.

Crux Motar And Pestle

Natural Materials | Crux Motar And Pestle from Umbra|YLiving Stone Home Accessories
Crux Motar And Pestle from Umbra

Gorgeous white marble and natural beechwood were seemingly made for each other. The Crux Motar And Pestle is ideal for prepping spices, grinding and crushing on the marble base and using the beechwood bowl for softer milling.

Amare Creamer

Modern Naturals | Amare Creamer from ANNA by RabLabs|YLiving Stone Home Accessories
Amare Creamer from ANNA by RabLabs

The Amare Creamer elevates any coffee experience to something special. Gorgeous metallic vessels are topped with a domed alabaster lid, creating a collection of serving pieces that look great even when they’re not being used.

New Norm Slate Plate

Modern Naturals | New Norm Slate Plate By Norm Architects, from Menu A:S|YLiving Stone Home Accessories
New Norm Slate Plate By Norm Architects, from Menu A/S

Made from natural slate, the design of the New Norm Slate Plate is simple and honest, making it the “new norm” for any meal served at your table. The flat design and naturally dark matte finish make it a versatile piece for everything from a cheese platter to an appetizer spread.

Classico Book End

Natural Materials | Classico Book End from Atipico|YLiving Stone Home Accessories
Classico Book End from Atipico

Marble was practically made for hugging a stack of hefty books.  The Classico Book End has an architectural shape that shows off the natural beauty of marble’s color variations.

Lumino Coaster Set

Modern Naturals | Lumino Coaster Set from ANNA by RabLabs|YLiving Stone Home Accessories
Lumino Coaster Set from ANNA by RabLabs

Both beautiful and unique, slices of natural gemstones make for wonderful coasters. The Lumino Coaster Set are edged in 24K gold or pure silver, giving each coaster a glamorous finish.

Marble Wall Clock

Marble Clock Wall by Norman Architects, from Menu A/S

For the minimalist naturalist, the Marble Wall Clock is an exercise is simplicity. Its design was intended to revive the classic wall clock in the age of smart phones and smart watches, and its classic marble material and numberless face does just that.

 Tessuto Collection

Modern Naturals | Tessuto Collection from ANNA by RabLabs | YLiving Modern Stone Home Accessories
Tessuto Collection from ANNA by RabLabs

The Tessuto Collection brings the natural beauty of alabaster stone to the modern bathroom. Each piece is hand-carved in Italy from solid alabaster into soft, elegant silhouettes.

Pepe Marble Mirror

Modern Naturals | Pepe Marble Mirror from Menu A:S|YLiving Modern Stone Home Accessories
Pepe Marble Mirror from Menu A/S

Inspired by Italian style of the late 50’s, the Pepe Marble Mirror has a classic, vintage vibe. It’s rich marble base makes it a sophisticated mirror for the modern powder room.

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