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Modern Rockin’ Chair Roundup

Get rockin’ and rollin’ with our roundup of modern rocking chairs. From mod molded plastic to hand carved wood, indoor or out, there’s a rocking chair for every taste and every space. We had a hard time picking our favorites, so here are a bunch of rocking chairs to check out, 12 to be exact!

MT3 Rocking Chair from Driade|YLiving

MT3 Rocking Chair from Driade

This totally modern rocking chair is too cool for words. The MT3 Rocking Chair by Ron Arad, from Driade has a bright orange interior that pops off of the white exterior and its unique shape is molded out of plastic, so it wipes clean and is great for indoor and outdoor use.

Cornelia Rocking Chair from Cattelan Italia|YLiving

Cornelia Rocking Chair from Cattelan Italia

With clean and classic lines, this modern rocking chair is reminiscent of your grandmother’s old rocker, but with a fresh and updated look. Cattelan Italia’s Cornelia Rocking Chair is made from steel and is perfect for rocking by the fire.

Comback Rocking Chair By Patricia Urquiola, from Kartell|YLiving

Comback Rocking Chair from Kartell

You’d never know that the Comback Rocking Chair from Kartell is a throwback to the days of old. This chair also comes in bright popping colors and has a molded plastic frame.  It’s a mod take on a design that hails from 18th century England. We feel sophisticated just looking at it!

GT Rocker from Gus* Modern

GT Rocker from Gus* Modern

A modern rocking chair should be comfortable enough for you to doze off, and the GT Rocker from Gus* Modern looks good enough to take a nap in. Simple in design, the upholstered cushions cradle you for optimal at-home movie watching, reading, or napping.

Mod Lounger By Lisa Albin, from OFFI & Company|YLiving

Mod Lounger from OFFI & Company

Eye-catching with a bright and playful design, the Mod Lounger by Lisa Albin, from OFFI & Company, was made with kids in mind. It’s tough enough to weather the wear and tear of even the most rambunctious kiddos and comes in a rainbow of hues that even adults will be drawn to.

Kipling Glider from Gus* Modern|YLiving

Kipling Glider from Gus* Modern

Rock-a-bye baby to sleep in comfort with a modern rocker that has sitting for long periods of time in mind. The Kipling Glider from Gus* Modern would make a great addition to a nursery, but new moms and dads aren’t the only one who will appreciate the clean lines and ergonomic design of this modern rocking chair.

Roulette Rocking Chair By Eero Aarnio, from Vondom|YLiving

Roulette Rocking Chair from Vondom

Ideal for outdoor seating, the Roulette Rocking Chair by Eero Aarnio, from Vondom not only get’s its rock on, but it also swivels 360 degrees around. Cluster a few of these together to create an entertaining backyard conversation area.

Luxembourg Rocking Chair from Fermob| YLiving

Luxembourg Rocking Chair from Fermob

Fermob’s Luxembourg Rocking Chair by Frederic Sofia sends us on a daydream to lounging at the beach, our toes digging into the sandy shore. Made of aluminum and available in plenty of colors, it’s a modern rocking chair that can jive on the deck or fireside.

Version 5 Rocker By Jacob Marks, from Skram Furniture|YLiving

Version 5 Rocker from Skram Furniture

With a contemporary design and high-end craftsmanship, the Version 5 Rocker by Jacob Marks, from Skram Furniture is more than a piece of furniture. Crafted out of natural wood and coupled with stretched leather, it’s a rocking chair that’s both exotic and modern.

Rocker Rocking Chair from BuzziSpace|YLiving

Rocker Rocking Chair from BuzziSpace

We appreciate the straightforwardness of the Rocker Rocking Chair from BuzziSpace. There’s no questioning the intention of this modern rocking chair.

Pant Rocker from Shiner International

The Pant Rocker from Shiner International is eco-friendly as it’s crafted from reclaimed hardwoods. The contrast of the rounded steel and curved wooden seat is indicative of a park bench, but this chair wasn’t just made to feed the birds from. Oh, and if you’re looking for something really unique, you just have to check out the Rocking Bed.

Blos Rocking Chair By Karim Rashid, from SLIDE Design|YLiving

Blos Rocking Chair from SLIDE Design

Sculpted in an unexpected shaped, the Blos Rocking Chair by Karim Rashid, from SLIDE Design will fill you with cheer the moment you take a seat.

Jennifer Harford

Jennifer Harford

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