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10 Ideas for a Modern Teen Lounge Space

When I was younger, I remember dreaming about turning my room into the ultimate hangout pad for me and my friends. Granted, my room needed to be exponentially larger to match what I was seeing in movies and it would’ve required having my parents drive me all over the place to shop for stuff, but the idea of having a designated private area away from parents was a dream nonetheless. Luckily, in the age of the internet, designing a lounging arrangement catered to a teen’s tastes is much easier. Here are a few ideas to help get things started.

Pure Rugs Pouf by Frenando Gerscovich & Juan Diego Gerscovich, from Pure Rugs

When setting up the perfect teen lounge arrangement, one of the first things that comes to mind is seating. Certainly, friends can sit on the floor or use the edge of the bed as a seat, but it’s not ideal. The Pure Rugs Pouf is a fun and fashionable bean bag chair that measures 50 inches in diameter and is upholstered with Patagonian sheepskin, which makes for quite the enveloping and fluffy seating experience.

Fatboy® the original by Jukka Setala, from Fatboy


If your teen isn’t terribly keen on fuzz or animal anything, there’s always Fatboy’s Fatboy® the original. The epitome of fun furniture, Fatboy takes the traditional bean bag chair concept and spins it with a new and creative design. Depending on its positioning, this oversized hacky sack can be used as a lounge chair or daybed.

Cork Stools by Jasper Morrison, from Vitra

Vitra’s Cork Stool is a great multi-functional and durable piece to have in a teen lounge as it can be used as either a side table or a stool. On top of providing extra seating and surface area, the modern stool’s cork composition makes it naturally durable, lightweight and soft to the touch. With its versatility and hardy make, the stool is ideal for arrangements where space may be limited and clumsy behavior can be forgiven.

Drum Ottoman/Table from Bend Goods

The Drum Ottoman/Table from Bend Goods offers a similar sense of multi-functional purposing with durable construction. Composed of brightly colored wires welded together in a geometric and artistic manner, this dual purpose coffee table and ottoman will instantly add fresh design to any teen lounge. On top of that, its metal construction enables it to withstand abuse as it was made to be used indoors or outdoors.

Alter State ALT12 Rug from Nourison

Spunky with personality and vibrantly colored, the Alter State Alt12 Rug oozes chaotic youthfulness. Its mix of various overlapping designs ranging from a target in the background, to dots in the middle ground, and splashes in the foreground, this modern rug is undoubtedly designed to fit the wild tastes of your teen.

Fatboy® Edison the Petit from Fatboy

Between its polypropylene mold, 10 inch tall stature, and portability, the Fatboy® Edison the Petite mixes fun design with practical usage. On its highest setting, the durable lamp is able to illuminate any space up to six hours long no matter where it’s being used. Great for a variety of situations, the lamp will easily provide lighting wherever it’s needed.

Tokyo Blanket by Cristian Zuzunaga, from Zuzunaga

It’s good to have an extra blanket on hand should friends find themselves knocking out mid-afternoon or when hanging out late into the evening. Zuzunaga’s Tokyo Blanket is a fun and warm blanket that will not only meet your teen’s tastes, but help them be a good host at the same time. Between its bold color and pixelated design, the blanket boasts a high quality knit made from 100% merino wool using a jacquard technique with complementary shell stitching along the edges of the blanket finishes things off.

Where It’s @ Pillow from Surya

If you expect your teen and their friends to be lounging about for extended periods of time, throw in a few throw pillows to save their postures and possibly their backsides if they’re sitting on the ground. Surya’s Where It’s @ Pillow sports a simple profile adorned with the all too familiar “@” cut-out symbol placed on the pillow’s face for additional texture. Made with 100% linen, this soft and durable pillow will easily fit the internet-driven lifestyle with which so many of us are well acquainted.

Love Birds WallSticker by Trine Andersen, from Ferm Living

To further add a personal touch to a teen lounge, wall stickers are a great option. This is especially true if you’re trying to avoid the hassle of repainting the entire room or are not terribly fond of punching holes into the wall for the sake of fleeting decorative tastes. Ferm Living’s Love Birds WallSticker offers simple installation and instant gratification with minimal inconvenience. The large sticker will easily give any room a fresh and modern character update with the shadowy silhouette of birds perched on a branch.

Bastaaa Hooks, Set of 6 from Mogg

Perhaps your teen wants something artistic, cool, and edgy – something that exemplifies that part of their personality. Though seemingly damage-driven, Bastaaa Hooks by Mogg aren’t nearly as destructive as they’d lead you to believe. Offered as a set of six, these nifty wall hooks help keep the area neat and organized while doubling as decorative wall accessories with their eye-catching bronze hammerheads and ash wood handles. Fun and different, the Bastaaa Hooks could be a great way to encourage organization in a teen lounge.

Yvette C.

Yvette C.

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