Before + After: Modern Victorian Remodel

You won’t believe what this Modern Victorian home looked like before. Once neglected and falling into ruin, now turned into a modern and contemporary revival, here’s the dramatic before and after of a Modern Victorian Remodel:

Modern Victorian |YLiving
Noe Victorian Front After via SFGate

It’s hard to believe that the exterior of this now modern Victorian was once falling apart and in shambles. A garage with a wooden door has been added onto the original structure, and clean white plaster holds neat and tidy planter beds. Originally a three-bed, one-bath home, it has been transformed into a four-bed, 4.5-bath modern Victorian home.

Modern Victorian |YLiving
Noe Victorian Before via SFGate

Located in San Francisco’s central Noe Valley, this Victorian home was originally built in 1900, and had clearly seen better days. The home was in need of some serious repair, including a new roof, new systems, a new deck, and additional cosmetic work.

Noe Victorian Living Room Before |YLiving
Noe Victorian Living Room Before via SFGate

What was initially purchased “as is,” this fixer-upper quickly turned into a full-blown, total remodel. The front living room was left in a sad, cluttered state, overrun by mismatched furniture and boxes.

Modern Victorian |YLiving
Noe Victorian Living Room After via SFGate

The front living room was transformed from an enclosed and dingy space into an open and expansive contemporary space. Light grey-blue walls and a light wood floor give this once cramped room an inviting feel. Two wooden tripod floor lamps flank either side of the sofa, bringing in a hint of natural feel.

Modern Victorian |YLiving
Noe Victorian Living Room After via SFGate

A styled coffee table lets light pouring in from the front windows and the recessed lighting above reflect off its mirrored surface. Luxurious textures of velvets and in a soft color palette of light. The living room opens up onto the dining room, allowing for one fluid great room.

Modern Victorian |YLiving
Noe Victorian Dining Room After via SFGate

In the dining room, a golden sputnik style chandelier is suspended above the glass topped dinning table surrounded by contemporary studded, upholstered chairs. A wet bar tucked into a recessed wall is the perfect place for mixing a cocktail while entertaining. You can catch a glimpse of the modern kitchen just off to the right.

Moder Victorian |YLiving
Noe Victorian Kitchen After via SFGate

Clean and modern, there is no longer a remnant of the sad state this modern Victorian had fallen into. A large island sits in the middle of this very modern kitchen. Three stools are the perfect place for flipping through a magazine while sipping a cup of coffee.

Modern Victorian |YLiving
Noe Victorian Sitting Room Before via SFGate

A sitting room just off the the kitchen had seen better days. Dingy wood floors and sickly green walls without a window in sight made this back room look like a miserable and decrepit place to spend even a small amount of time.

Modern Victorian |YLiving
Noe Victorian Sitting Room After via SFGate

After, tall windows and reflective mirrors bring in much needed light. Gold accents and warm textures give this contemporary sitting room plenty of style. A stump table, a live plant, and a stitched cow-hide rug in a geometric pattern bring organic elements and texture to the room.

Modern Victorian |YLiving
Noe Victorian Master Bedroom After via SFGate

An expansive master bedroom opens up onto the upstairs deck. A David Trubridge Natural Coral Pendant hangs in the center of the lofted ceiling. Natural pieces and textures of exotic woods are carried throughout the room.

Modern Victorian |YLiving
Noe Victorian Master Bathroom After via SFGate

The master bathroom is a modern luxurious escape. Bright light fills every area thanks to clear windows placed on either side of the bathroom.

Modern Victorian |YLiving
Noe Victorian Roof Deck After via SFGate

Outside, a spacious roof deck has been completely renovated and offers beautiful and sweeping city views and of the bay beyond.

Modern Victorian |YLiving
Noe Victorian Roof Deck Before via SFGate

Before, the back of the house was in desperate disrepair. It’s hard to imagine that this is what the modern deck once was and speaks volumes to the amount of hard work and dedication that went into transforming this modern Victorian into what it is now.

Modern Victorian |YLiving
Noe Victorian Roof Deck After via SFGate

Now, there’s plenty of outdoor seating surrounding a concrete Una Coffee Table from Urbia. It’s a beautiful place to catch the sun setting over the rolling hills of San Francisco and to admire the surrounding neighborhood.

Modern Victorian |YLiving
Noe Victorian Office After via SFGate

Up in the loft area is a small office with a skylight and a window looking out onto the San Francisco street. I love the glass topped desk with long hair-pin legs and the cowhide throw rug on the floor. It’s refreshing to see a cohesion of style carry throughout the house and this home office is no exception.

Modern Victorian |YLiving
Noe Victorian Lower Level Entertaining After via SFGate

On the lower level is a room that’s tailored for entertaining. Bright pops of red on the floor poofs and couch pillows fill the space with a fun and cheery accent.

Modern Victorian |YLiving
Noe Victorian Lower Level Before via SFGate

Like the rest of the home, the before was quiet the disaster. Broken boards and mold were everywhere. It looks like a fire must have taken place in the home at one point, leaving in critical condition.

Modern Victorian |YLiving
Noe Victorian Lower Entertaining After via SFGate

Back in the entertainment room, a table surrounded by Classic Panton Chairs in black is ready for friends and a round or two of Scrabble.

After seeing the majority of the before shots, the extent of this remodel is amazing. I can only imagine what the original homeowners went through during reconstruction. The end results are an amazing testament to the marvel of good design and some tender love and care.

Kelly Tirman

Kelly Tirman

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