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New + Notable: 10 Fantastic Chairs

Perusing through YLiving’s new arrivals, I was struck by the number and variety of elegant chairs we have recently added to the site. From side chairs to lounge chairs ranging from minimalist to contemporary in style, I had hard time picking just ten!  But here they are, ten new and notable chairs for the modern home.

1. Terra Rocking Chair
Terra Rocking Chair from Atipico | YLiving Rocking Chairs
Terra Rocking Chair from Atipico

Angular and unexpected, the Terra Rocking Chair’s origami-like appearance belies its sturdy iron construction.  With its eye-catching, minimalist design the Terra Rocker would look fantastic in the living room.

2. Tria Wood Chair
TRIA Wood Chair - Set of 2 from Cole | YLiving Side Chairs
TRIA Wood Chair – Set of 2 from Cole

Inspired by the graphic designs of M.C. Escher, the Tria Wood Chair by Cole; offers an intriguing silhouette. Crafted with a bent plywood seat and a solid oak base, this sleek side chair is set at an angle which allows you to sit in the center or to either side of the seat comfortably. From simple neutral tones to bold colors, there’s a Tria Chair to blend perfectly with any interior.

3. Goyescas Modular Lounge Chair
Goyescas Modular Lounge Chair from Gan Rugs | YLiving New + Notable Chairs
Goyescas Modular Lounge Chair from Gan Rugs

Embroidery and bright florals give the Goyescas Modular Lounge Chair a cheerful and playful presence. Generous in size, the versatile shape of this lounge chair makes it a perfect candidate for the living room or study.

4. Hearst Dining Chair
Hearst Dining Chair from IONDesign | YLiving New + Notable Chairs
Hearst Dining Chair from IONDesign

Sleek and simple lines give the Hearst Dining Chair by Ion Design a vintage modern look. Slightly raised sides create the inviting design of this chair while offering snug support and comfort. Light fabric contrasting against a black, powder-coated base add the final touches that make this chair a wonderful addition to the dining room or breakfast nook.

5. Mandarine Armchair
Mandarine Armchair by Two.Six | YLiving New + Notable Chairs
Mandarine Armchair by Two.Six

The Mandarine Armchair by Two.Six offers a creative flare for the modern home. Embodying form and function, this lounge chair features an elegant wood base and armrests that sweep up from the seat. Quilted upholstery completes the finishing details of this luxurious lounge chair.

6. Felix Dining Chair
Felix Dining Chair from Tonin Casa | YLiving New + Notable | Chairs
Felix Dining Chair from Tonin Casa

Soft, luxurious leather with strategically place pleats gives the Felix Dining Chair its distinct look. A slightly arched backrest and angled legs complete the contemporary design of this chair which would be at home in any dining room. Felix is available in several finishes and offers an array of color options in leather and Eco-leather.

7. Claude Lounge Chair
Claude Lounge Chair from URBN
Claude Lounge Chair from URBN

The Claude Lounge Chair by URBN features a distinct angular design that is contemporary and industrial at the same time. Plush padding and two-toned upholstery softens Claude’s sharp angles while providing an indulgently comfortable place to sit. Equally at home in an urban loft or modern home, the Claude Lounge Chair is the perfect spot to sit back and relax.

8.Striad Low Back Lounge Chair, 4 Star Base
Striad Low Back Lounge Chair by Herman Miller | YLiving New + Notable Chairs
Striad Low Back Lounge Chair by Herman Miller

Designed by Markus Jehs and Jurgen Laub, the Striad Low Back Lounge Chair, 4 Star Base has an inviting silhouette that beckons you to sit back and relax. Inspired by the shape and profile of a ski boot, Striad has a rigid outer shell, swivel base, distinctive cushioning and elegant upholstery. The shape will envelope you in comfort while bringing clean, modern lines to any room.

9. Showtime Regal Chair
Showtime Regal Chair by Oggetti | YLiving New + Notable Chairs
Showtime Regal Chair by Oggetti

As much a work of art as a chair, the Oggetti Showtime Regal Chair is sure to leave a lasting impression. This amazing chair is assembled through a process of encasing rattan strips and coco twigs in resin to obtain the stunning stripes and patterns characteristic to the design. Inspiring a regal feeling for anyone who sits in it, the Showtime Regal Chair certainly earns it name.

10. Daydream Lounge Chair
Daydream Lounge Chair from B&T Design | YLiving New + Notable Chairs
Daydream Lounge Chair from B&T Design

The design of B&T’s Daydream Lounge Chair is sophisticated and sharp. With a unique, open center this chaise lounge style chair is perfect for a sleek bachelor pad, refined man cave or a Mad Men inspired room design.

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Nicole Tatem

Nicole Tatem

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