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New Rules for Decorating the Home Office

Work can and should be fun. To us at Buzzispace, that’s the only rule. 🙂 Maybe you work from home. Perhaps you work odd hours or even too many hours. These days the boundaries of work are changing and the modern office with it. In the products that we design, we look at the challenges that we all face, and create design solutions to solve them.

In all of our designs, we propose flexible furniture pieces that allow for both living and working. And we ask ourselves, and you, what if?

You can truly build that business off of your kitchen table.

BuzziPicNic – Work Bench from BuzziSpace

Check out this indoor BuzziPicNic Workbench, designed by Alain Gilles. It looks friendly enough to eat at with your family, but it’s also the perfect place to finish that report. Bonus: Go for the extra option of power connectivity built right into the table.

Instead of an office chair, you can sit at a stool.

BuzziMilk - Stool from BuzziSpace
BuzziMilk – Stool from BuzziSpace

Consider this. Stools add major flexibility to your home. You can move them anywhere and they look totally natural. Try doing that with a traditional office chair. You’d never get away with sneaking in that one last e-mail if you pulled up a task chair up to the kitchen table. They’re cute, yes, and they’re rather solid and comfortable too.

Instantly put up a wall.

BuzziZone, from BuzziSpace

With a temporary wall, you can zone in anywhere. Easy to install and effective to hide behind, BuzziZone adds visual and acoustical privacy. You get the “do not disturb” without any demolition in your home.

In a small space, you can create a work zone with color.

BuzziSkin Wall Covering, from BuzziSpace

BuzziSkin is an acoustical wall treatment that dampens sound. Its bright colors also delineate space in your home. Maybe you can even charm your kids into doing their homework by telling them it’s time to “play” in the orange room?

Even more fun? We’re just settling into our new U.S. HQ—a 100-year-old cotton mill in High Point, NC. Soon, all of our products will be made in the USA from sustainable materials.


Steve Symons

Steve Symons

Steve Symons is the founder and European CEO of BuzziSpace. His vision for the brand is to create products that inspire interaction through simple, sustainable, and acoustically-driven design.

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