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On Our Radar: Summer Bedroom

With temperatures rising as we march toward summer, it can be easy to overlook the bedroom as a major source of design inspiration.The fluffy down-alternative comforters and cozy throws that got us through the winter months must be relegated to the linen closet. But comfort and style needn’t be put away ’til next fall.

Summertime can lessen our need for the ultra-plush and the extra warm, but making over your bedroom for the season can impart just as much texture and homeliness as it does during winter. Here are three looks that give an easy, breezy vibe while remaining rock solid modern style-wise.

Look One: Color Story

Changing your color palette is one of the most important and effective updates you can make during a seasonal refresh. Our merchandiser Kerry Ellis helped style this look from our summer catalog, saying this about what makes the look seasonally appropriate: “This summer color palette has a warmth that can easily carry over into fall. The Blu Dot table lamp is an earthier green, and ties into the color of the Missoni throw.”

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Springy colors work well in the heat of summer, providing a respite from high temperatures and a relaxing impression on hot nights. Fresh whites and greens, dove grey, and a touch of color here work together to echo a garden palette, underscored by the natural wood neutral. The throw and lamp are items that can be swapped out easily as the seasons change, picking up different colors in the artwork above the bed as needed.

For summer, the light green is a natural touchstone, with the soft, sunset-like colors in the throw adding just a bit of pizzazz. Come fall, you can pull a deeper shade of blue-grey or brown as an accent for the lamp, and a jewel-toned throw in a richer fabric. The foundation of the look remains in the neutral bedding and rug throughout any season.

Look Two: Thoughtful Accents


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A perennial design tip that’s always in fashion: Accent with items you love. It may seem simple in theory, but the right group of accents can make or break a seasonal look. And you’ll need to curate your collection for the time of year for the most impact.

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In a pure, white space like this vintage San Francisco bedroom, it could be tempting to go crazy with color. But there’s a summery serenity in the neutral palette that lets the designer’s favorite things take center stage. She’s kept things simple with an all-white bed, but the detail is in the headboard’s architectural silhouette.

The midcentury-inspired nightstand is a seamless match for the original wood flooring, creating continuity, which is picked up in the ukulele wall hanging–a fun and iconic summer staple. And the modern planter and table lamp (you can go even more modern, as shown) are a nice contrast with the vintage trim. The rubber tree’s broad, glossy leaves help to anchor the space; plants can add an element of freshness that’s perfectly seasonal.

Look Three: Less is More

Our last look explores a more minimal approach that’s still completely comfortable and totally chic. Here, the tactile touchstone in the space is provided by the upholstered bed frame, with pretty much every other surface in the room remaining clean, smooth and glossy. No throws or decorative pillows here, but the bed looks like a refreshing place to spend a hot night. Still, the room feels personal and customized.

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“I love to feature artwork in a bedroom–we spend so much time there and should have a more personal touch than more common living spaces. I think design in bedrooms can often be overlooked, or minimized, as it’s not seen by everyone.” -Kerry Ellis, Merchandiser

The art chosen for the space above provides both a contrasting aesthetic and a continuity of simplicity that carries throughout the room. With less visual and mental clutter in the room, you’re free to relax, unwind, and cool down when the nights are oppressively hot. The smooth surfaces don’t crowd your senses, and all the natural light reinvigorates without the stuffiness of curtains to stifle any breezes.

A seasonal update can be just what your bedroom needs to feel refreshed and new. To find even more pieces to brighten your bedroom, check out our selection of bedroom furniture, decor and lighting. Otherwise, let us know your favorite tips for curating your summer bedroom in the comments, or tag us on Instagram with #YintheWild.

Kelsey Kittle

Kelsey Kittle

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