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On Trend: Modern Concrete

Concrete is making its way off the streets and into the design world. No longer reserved for bus stop benches and city sidewalks, modern concrete furniture and accents are ready to settle into the home. If the thought of throwing a slab of concrete into the middle of your living room sounds daunting,  we think you’ll warm up to the idea. This offbeat construction media is an urban feature you’ll want to incorporate into every room. Here are some ways to bring this trend into your home. The concrete jungle awaits you.


The Modern Living Room


JWDA Concrete Table Lamp from Menu A:S|YLiving

JWDA Concrete Table Lamp from Menu A/S

Light and concrete are a dynamic duo for this trend as the light warms up this potentially cold material. Start in the living room with the Menu A/S JWDA Concrete Table Lamp. The glass dome provides a soft glow onto the concrete base and a brass dimmer knob gives you control over the brightness, so you can create a soft glow or light up the entire room.

 Concrete WallSmart Wallpaper By Trine Andersen, from Ferm Living|YLiving


Concrete WallSmart Wallpaper from Ferm Living

If you don’t live in an industrial loft, but like the look of an exposed cement wall, consider bringing the modern concrete trend into your living room with some sneaky wallpaper. Concrete WallSmart Wallpaper by Trine Andersen, from Ferm Living, gives you all the appeal of a concrete wall, without the actual concrete.

Chunk of Concrete Candleholder from Menu A:S |YLiving

Chunk of Concrete Candleholder from Menu A/S

If you can’t seem to get over the idea that concrete can be anything but cold and industrial may we recommend a mix media, like the Menu A/S Chunk of Concrete Candleholder. The glow from the flickering flames catching in the copper top and the stout solid concrete base contrasts for a beautiful combination.

Edge Soft Edge Stool from Lyon Beton|YLiving

Edge Soft Edge Stool from Lyon Beton

For  more modern concrete furniture options to incorporate into your living area, check out the rest of the Lyon Benton collection. You’ll be amazed at how versatile concrete can be, and the many forms it can be molded into. We think the Edge Soft Edge Stool makes for an ideal start for those that are interested in concrete furniture.

The Modern Kitchen  

Karam Pendant Light from TECH Lighting |YLighting

Karam Pendant Light from TECH Lighting

For a unique concrete look, install a pair of Karam Pendant Lights from TECH Lighting over the kitchen island. These pendant lights are actually made of ceramic but have all the appeal of concrete. If you’re looking for unique concrete pendant may we recommend the Portland 19 Pendant Light by James Bartlett, from Innermost. It’s cool and angular, and it’s gem-like shape is actually made of construction materials.

 Farmhouse 3018 Kitchen Sink from Native Trails|YLiving

Farmhouse 3018 Kitchen Sink from Native Trails

For a purposeful and industrial look, install a modern concrete sink into your kitchen. The Farmhouse 3018 Kitchen Sink from Native Trails has a smooth and creamy texture that integrates well into the modern kitchen.

The Modern Workspace

 Hauteville Chair from Lyon Beton |YLiving

Hauteville Chair from Lyon Beton

So concrete might not be the most ergonomic material out there, but we can’t help but imagine this raw looking chair offsetting the cool leathers in a modern office. Mix in a Hauteville Chair from Lyon Beton as an industrial accent in your workspace.

Concrete Desk Set By Magnus Pettersen, from Areaware |YLiving

Concrete Desk Set from Areaware

Add a little functionality to your workspace while still incorporating the modern concrete trend with the Concrete Desk Set by Magnus Pettersen, from Areaware. Say goodbye to boring office supplies, as this set has reconstructed your basic desk accessories with an industrial appeal.

Grey Matters Book Stopper from Lyon Beton |YLiving

Grey Matters Book Stopper from Lyon Beton

These quirky bookends from Lyon Beton are whimsical and witty, made from concrete for the ultimate representation of “grey matter.” We like the allegory that the Grey Matters Book Stopper create when a line of books are wedged between the two halves. It’s a metaphor for your brain and all the knowledge just waiting to be absorbed.

The Modern Bathroom

 Dip Concrete Tub By Michel Boucquillon, from Aquamass|YLiving

Dip Concrete Tub from Aquamass

While concrete has an unmistakable industrial look to it, it can also stand in as an alternative to natural stone. We think that the Dip Concrete Tub by Michel Boucquillon, from Aquamass, would offset well with some overflowing greenery, to create a bathroom that nods to nature. Incorporate in some items from the Urban Concrete Collection from Waterworks Studio for more natural looking concrete style bath accessories.

Cloud Toilet Paper Shelf from Lyon Beton|YLiving

Cloud Toilet Paper Shelf from Lyon Beton

The beauty of concrete is that it can be molded into any shape for any purpose, even holding your toilet paper. Give your TP a prominent place in your modern bathroom by piling it high on the Cloud Toilet Paper Shelf from Lyon Beton.

Kelly Tirman

Kelly Tirman

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