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Q+A with Rosita Missoni

I had the privilege recently of connecting with the matriarch of the Missoni family and the creator of the Missoni Home brand, and seeing what inspires Rosita Missoni‘s rich designs and how she feels about looking back (and also forward)

Rosita Missoni Home
Sitting with Rosita Missoni

After many successful years on the fashion side, in 1997 you left to focus on Missoni Home.  What inspired this change?

Rosita Missoni: I used to work with passion and fashion had become a duty.  I felt very relieved when Angela (my daughter) decided she was ready to take the reins of Fashion collection. At that time I realized that the home was becoming fashion. I could again transfer my passion for patterns and colors and reflect my fashion sense in the Home Collection.  Fashion is ephemeral and this is its great charm. However home is long-lasting elegance.

Who has inspired your work, both past and present?

RM: I find inspiration around me the view of the mountains and the flowers in my garden that are my pleasure and relaxation.  I also find flashes of inspiration from everywhere; from art, books, flea markets and in my everyday life.

Missoni Home has always been known for bold designs and rich layering.  What do you suggest to people who are looking to incorporate Missoni style, but may be shy or unsure of how to approach it?

RM: I tend to use solids or tone-on-tone fabrics for sofas and big armchairs which one can then display pillows of different sizes and patterns.  Personally I love the use of screens or circular rugs, in bold or strong patterns, to create special backgrounds and corners to enliven a room.   I like playful elements and creating flexible spaces, with patterns and furnishings that easily move the eye from indoor to outdoor.  My idea of home is to mix comfort and fun.  It is always evolving.

This year seems like a wonderful year to look back, with the upcoming “Missoni, Art, Color” exhibition at the Ma*Ga Museum in Gallarte, and also an upcoming book from Rizzoli.  Do you find it important to look back?

RM: Ma*Ga for us is looking back to what we have built (over the past 60 years).  It is a celebration of our long  successful story and also of  the  strong identity of our brand.

So many Italian fashion brands seem to be expanding and pulling away from their history as family businesses – but your children and now grandchildren are now intimately involved in the company.  Is that continuity important to you?

RM: Continuity is very important.  All of us are very proud of our roots.

Do you have any one piece in your home(s) – antique, vintage or new – that is your favorite?  Why do you have such passion for it – does it elicit an emotional or aesthetic response?

Rosita Missoni Home
Rosita’s family sitting room, with the coffee table by her two grand-daughters.

RM: My coffee table,  in our family sitting-room.  It is a unique piece painted for fun by my  two grand-daughters Jennifer  and Margherita (at the age of 9 and 11) and saved by my son Luca (Jennifer’s father) with a resin coating.  He decided it was a unique piece of family naïve art to be protected and I treasure it.

Thank you Rosita!

Darren Falls

Darren Falls

Darren is one of the Merchandise Managers for YLiving, and has had a long career in the Home Furnishings industry with companies like RH, Gumps and ABC Carpet & Home. He has a passion for art and design inspired by his time at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. He spends his free time in his garden picking lemons and avoiding mowing the lawn, while playing with his long-haired dachshund.

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