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How to Pick the Perfect Modern Office Chair

Modern office chairs come in different shapes, sizes, add-ons, and price points that it might become an overwhelming process to choose the one that fits your needs. You spend eight hours a day in an office chair; it’s time to invest in the right one. An ideal office chair should promote efficiency and comfort throughout the day. We wanted to offer some food for thought to guide you to find your perfect modern office chair.

Generation from Knoll

Fabric Options

With so many different types of upholstery to choose from such as mesh, fabric, and leather, there are definitely some pros and cons about each. Depending on which features you value the most, here are some common pros and cons for each offering:fabrics_edited-1

Height Adjustment

Depending on the height of your desk, it’s important to be able to adjust your chair according to your own height. The last thing you want to do is to be sitting in a slouching position through your eight hour work day, or even worse, your chair is too low and you are arching your neck up. Most office chairs are made to have the ability to adjust, but it’s the matter if you want a modern office chair with a pneumatic cylinder or a manual adjuster. The pneumatic cylinder modern office chair has a gas filled canister that raises up and down with the push of a button, while a manual office chair has a giant screw-like post that rotates the chair that will push it up or down.


 Leap Leather Office Chair from Steelcase

Arm Adjustments

Armrests are greatly effective at reducing stress to muscles of the upper back, neck, and shoulders. There are three types of armrests across the board for office chairs: fixed arms, height adjustable arms, and fully adjustable arms. Depending on whether you are at your own desk, working collaboratively, or in meetings most the day, choose the right modern office chair with the best armrest that will suit your working environment behavior. Do you move around a lot? Do you mostly stay in place? Ask yourself these questions when selecting the right office chair with armrests.

Fixed Arms: Arms stay still, they aren’t adjustable


Cobi Swivel Chair from Steelcase

Height Adjustable Arms: The arms move up and down


Generation from Knoll

Fully Adjustable Arms: The arms move up and down, in and out, and different angles.


Aeron Posturefit Office Chair, Polished Aluminum from Herman Miller

Lumbar Support

Lower back pain is a huge allment for office workers. A lot of office workers experience back pain during some point in their life. In order to eliminate any future lower back pains, make sure you select the right modern office chair with enough lumbar support. Whether you have the habit of curving your back just a little or a lot, make sure you select an office chair with plenty of firmness control, position control, and a chair that allows mobility to move your muscles and increase blood flow.

Here are the nine most common sitting habits in a technology based company:

Today’s modern workspace finds us moving between tablets, laptops, desktops, cell phones, notebooks and more. Steelcase’s Gesture Office Chair captures just the right amount of lumbar support in any angle of recline. It won a Gold award under the Best of NeoCon Awards.

GESTURE™ Office Chair – Fully Customizable from Steelcase

Tilting or Reclining

If you are someone that likes to lean back in your chair, select one that allows you to recline depending if you tilt just a bit or a lot. Choose a modern office chair that allows you to adjust the ability of how hard you recline or has the ability lock it upright altogether if you do not wish to have that mobility in your chair. Almost every chair reclines, whether it’s a pivot, even back, or straight recline. Depending on your seat back movements, a lockable setting maybe important to have on your chair as well.


No matter what chair you choose to buy, make sure that it has all the features you are looking for based on your sitting habits. There is no one size fits all chair for everybody, however that is a lot of customizable office chairs we offer to fit your needs.

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