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Five Favorites: Pomd’or

Pomd’or is is a Spanish brand, specializing in luxury wall mounted and free standing modern bath accessories. Here are five favorites from the brand: All of the pieces from Pomd’or are elegant and crisp, making bathroom accessories beautiful and refined. With styles ranging from contemporary, to chrome, and velvety white designs inbetween, every aspect of this brand is beauty to behold.

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Metric Towel Ring from pomd’or

The Metric Towel Ring has contemporary lines that are sharp and linear. Overall, this sleek towel ring looks great in any bathroom, and mounts well on both the wall and the side of your bathroom vanity.  Because of its squared off shape, hand towels hang nicely for a uniform look.

Modern Bath Accessories|YLiving
Belle Organic Free Standing Soap Dispenser from pomd’or

Like it was taken from nature, the Belle Organic Free Standing Soap Dispenser has the gentle sweeping curves only nature can provide. Made of  stainless steel, the matte-white exterior is fresh and modern. I love that you can fill it with your favorite hand soap and that the freestanding design is so versatile.

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Metric Towel Rack Shelf from pomd’or

It may look stack and standard at first glance, but the simple, linear appeal of the Metric Towel Rack Shelf is what makes it so great. Featuring both a shelf and towel rail. Use the shelf to for stashing extra towels, or perhaps even a nice woven basket filled with extra shampoo and soap. The rail is perfect for keeping a fresh one within arms reach and then hanging damp towels after their used.

Modern Bath Accessories |YLiving
Belle Organic Toilet Paper Holder from pomd’or

There’s something about the hook style toilet paper holder that seems right, as does the design of the Belle Organic Toilet Paper Holder. Easily remove spent toilet paper and replace with a bountiful new roll with ease.

Modern Bath Accessories|YLiving
Metric Shelf from pomd’or

The Metric Shelf is a beautiful combination of glass and sleek steel. It cleanly mounts into the wall for a clean look. Perfect for adding a little extra space, keep your soap, and other necessities close at hand.

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Sharon Choe

Sharon Choe

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