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Happy Record “Storage” Day

Did you know April 18th is Record Store Day? And while overall music sales were down again, vinyl record sales grew by 52 percent in 2014 to 9.2 million copies (up from 6.1 million in 2013). For the seventh straight year, more vinyl albums were sold than in any other year since Nielsen started tracking music sales in 1991. In short: vinyl is back. So, bring it back to your home with a stylishly modern media cabinet.

Not your father's turntable: vinyl (sometimes clear) is modern again.
Not your father’s turntable: vinyl (sometimes colored) is modern again.

Adding to the uptick in new record sales, scores of younger consumers are often inheriting whole collections from their parent’s garages. The question is: where does that discerning, modern consumer store all that wax? If your records are worth passing along to generations, isn’t it worth an investment-quality storage piece?

I didn’t actually inherit a collection, but mine grew to be unruly all the same, and milk crates just weren’t cutting it. Just a few years ago, the oppressive and seemingly singular modern option came from a certain Swedish “big box” store renowned for dubious quality.

AERO LPC-300 LP Storage Cabinet
AERO LPC-300 LP Storage Cabinet from Symbol Audio

Enter Symbol Audio and their AERO series: a mid-century inspired media storage system designed specifically for the vinyl enthusiast. Hand-made in the US of A with high-quality details such as solid wood dovetailed drawer boxes and adjustable solid wood shelves…the showstopper is the swivel bin which swings outward at a 45-degree angle allowing you a better view of your prized LPs.

AERO LPC-200 LP Storage Cabinet
AERO LPC-200 LP Storage Cabinet from Symbol Audio

Each bin holds about 120 records, meaning that even if you only spring for a smaller unit it can serve as a lovely display piece with your current favorites at arms reach from the turntable (perhaps leaving the rest in the garage).

Symbol Audio LP Storage Cabinet 101
AERO LPC-101 and LPC-400 LP Storage Cabinet from Symbol Audio

Vinyl’s return reflects a yearning for tactile quality and rich sounds that are lost in an age of compressed, streaming playlists. Symbol Audio hears that call, and pairs your wax with luxurious craftsmanship that never goes out of style.

Colin Wilkinson

Colin Wilkinson

Colin Wilkinson was a customer before joining the team at YLiving. A marketer and designer-at-core, Colin is passionate about simplicity, innovation, and quality. In time, Colin hopes to retire to the Napa Valley with his wife to make furniture and rescue dogs.

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