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Socality Barbie: 5 Top Modern Picks

Have you seen Socality Barbie popping up in your news feed lately? Wired Magazine, Nylon Magazine, and Popsugar recently featured the wedding photographer, and creator of this Insta-famous account.

We did notice one thing about Socality Barbie’s Instagram feed though, it is missing some modern seating for her morning coffee. Because when she is not on an adventure we are sure she likes to get comfy to drink her latte and #liveauthentic. Good thing for Sociality Barbie, Vitra makes versions of iconic designs that are just her size.

Here are our top modern chair picks for Socality Barbie:
Miniature Heart-Shaped Cone Chair


This chair is just ready for a cute couple photo with Socality Ken. It would make a love-y dove-y Instagram post.

Miniature Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman


What hipster pad is complete without leather and wood. The Eames Lounge Chair is the perfect piece to create a rustic modern vibe. No filter needed.

Miniature Walnut Stool, Model A


This stool is photo ready for selfies and artfully staged morning coffee in front of a large house plant with deer antlers.

Miniature Eames DSW


Now the Eames DSW is a classic, and classic equals a happy hipster Barbie. Let the hipster dinner parties commence!

Miniature Womb Chair & Ottoman


The epitome of comfort, the womb chair would make a great addition to Socality Barbie’s living room. It is just waiting to be curled up in with a morning cup of joe, enjoying the weather of the Pacific North West.

Do you have a Vitra Miniature that you think Socality Barbie, or maybe your own Barbie, would love to have? Use #YintheWild on Instagram with your picture, or share a link the comments.

Chanel Cartier

Chanel Cartier

Chanel is a recent graduate from BYU and the first ever intern at YLiving. She may be new to the world of interior design, but she is already designing her future modern style house, starting with the Smoke Lounge Chair by Moooi.

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