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Spicing Up The Bar Cart

Sure the bar cart is all about holding your booze, but its presentation abilities are limitless. Styling the modern bar cart can add some drama and fun, just think metallic accents, a little mood lighting, and some iconic barware that’ll make a modern statement. You’ll be tempted to pile on everything after you see the ideas we’ve got, though we recommend you stick to one or two to avoid the cluttered look. Here are some ways to spice up your bar cart to make it more than just a one-stop shop for your liquor.

Mojito Wood Trolley from Cattelan Italia

Mojito Wood Trolley from Cattelan Italia

You’ll want to start with a good base, i.e. a bar cart of your choice. Find a bar cart that will help ground your accents, similar to the Mojito Wood Trolley from Cattelan Italia. A mix of wood and classic steel makes for a subdued industrial look that’s still modern and will provide the perfect foundation for styling.

Plum Ice Bucket By Tom Dixon, from Tom Dixon

Plum Ice Bucket, By Tom Dixon, from Tom Dixon


Traditional barware is great, but consider throwing something completely different into the mix that’ll make a statement. Find functional pieces that have a unique and one-of-a-kind feel and place it center stage to attract all of the attention. We like the Tom Dixon’s Plum Ice Bucket, mouth blown blue glass and a copper top, it’s worthy of holding your ice.

My Robot, Gold Limited Edition from Seletti

My Robot, Gold Limited Edition from Seletti

The bar cart is the perfect place for quirky accents. Look for something that’s a little offbeat, oh and a bit metallic doesn’t hurt either. My Robot, Gold Limited Edition from Seletti combines all of the above and is a retro throwback that adds some modern whimsy. Keep a look out for similar eye catching accents to tuck in around your barware for a fun surprise.

Chunk of Marble Candleholder from Menu A/S

Chunk of Marble Candleholders from Menu A/S

Nothing says mood lighting quite like the flickering fire from a candle. Situate a small grouping of candles in the corner of the bar cart will warm up a space. The candle light catching in the reflective surfaces of liquor bottles and tumblers will create some ambiance. A pair of these Chunk of Marble Candleholders from Menu A/S are the perfect way to mix in some different textures and materials onto your bar cart.

Knowledge in the Brain Bookends By Karim Rashid, from Menu A/S

Knowledge in the Brain Bookends by Karim Rashind, from Menu A/S

Just imagine a few old and worn books wedge between two Knowledge in the Brain Bookends by Karim Rashind, from Menu A/S. Don’t be afraid to mix fun and modern with a bit of old world. Place them on the bottom rack to create the perfect backdrop for liquor bottles or glassware and to add another layer of texture to your bar cart.

Matelassé Vase By Patricia Urquiola, from Kartell

Matelassé Vase by Patricia Urquiola, from Kartell

A fresh floral arrangement is an easy way to brighten up a bar cart without adding in clutter. Look for a vase that’s medium in height and in a dark solid color, like the Matelassé Vase by Patricia Urquiola, from Kartell. Kept in the corner, it won’t compete with whatever else you’ve got going on and will look great even when it’s not holding flowers.

Darren Falls

Darren Falls

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