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Spring Fling: 5 Ways to Lighten Your Decor

With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to breathe a little warmth into your space, in honor of the balmier weather. When it comes to seasonal decor, I’m always thrilled when it’s time to say goodbye to the heavier, darker cold weather home decor and welcome in spring with bright, fresh interiors. Here are five ways to “de-winter” your space and make room for a sunny–fingers crossed!–spring:

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Perform a (Low-Key) Spring Clean

The phrase “spring cleaning” used to strike fear into my heart. But I’ve come to fully embrace the idea of giving my house a quick refresh to welcome in brighter days. You won’t find me pounding any carpets outside, though; I’m more of a “chill” cleaner when it comes to a seasonal spruce-up.

If you’re not a cleaning fan, don’t worry, you don’t have to pull out your mop and bucket…if that’s not your cup of tea. One great project for spring: dusting! Get rid of accumulated dust on surfaces and window coverings to instantly clear up a room without a lot of elbow grease. Another small project that makes a big difference is moving furniture back to clean behind each item. These lesser-known spots don’t need constant cleaning, but a quick vacuum job will help ensure those areas stay clean–plus, you never know what missing item you’ll find behind your couch.

If the idea of cleaning yourself is overwhelming, see how much it would cost to hire a cleaner. A professionally cleaned house or apartment is well worth the cost, and makes a huge difference in how your space feels. Bringing clean, fresh air into your home through cleaning is a great starting point for other fun projects and opportunities.

Let the Light in!

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After a winter filled with cozy blankets, candlelight and dark evenings, spring is a welcome opportunity to bring light back into your space. Open up the windows (perhaps they’re newly washed from your spring cleaning!), remove or tie back heavy curtains and embrace the added brightness of the season. If you need a little help bringing more light in, adding a small lamp or light fixture will help shift your mood lighting without needing big windows. Whatever your space has to offer, a shift in lighting will brighten your house or apartment and warm it up for sunnier days.

Make Your Scene More Green

The indoor plant trend is here to stay. If you haven’t embraced it yet, spring is the perfect season to start bringing a little of the outdoors into your house. Succulents are an easy way to add some greenery to your space; they’re very affordable and they require only a little bit of maintenance each week. For those more experienced plant owners, it might be time to level up into bigger plants–try an indoor tree or palm for added greenery.

No green thumb? No need to worry: cut flowers are beautiful and don’t require gardening–you can even buy branches like eucalyptus or fern fronds. To cut down on florist costs, check your local grocery store for less expensive bunches that you can arrange in a pretty vase for some springtime florals.

Freshen Up Your Palette

Springtime calls for a fresher, brighter palette than fall or winter, but that doesn’t mean you have to do a complete makeover every season. Introducing pretty interior accessories like colorful pillows and candles is a fun, effortless way to introduce springy energy into your rooms.

The colors don’t have to be Easter Bunny-friendly, either. Colors like marigold, lime green or millennial pink can punch up your color scheme without feeling too saccharine. If you already have enough pillows to go around, a new wall art piece can shift your color perspective without a lot of effort.

Update Your Outdoor Living Area

Finally, for a springtime makeover that everyone will love, consider investing in some improvements for your outdoor spaces. With the sun out and the evenings getting longer, it’s the perfect time to entertain outside. You don’t need acres to create a fun area outside; adding a bar cart will make your space party-ready fast, whether you have a large backyard, or a small balcony. Prefer a more serene space? Sink into weather-appropriate outdoor lounge furniture with a good book, and enjoy the warmer weather. String lights overhead, a sizzling barbecue, and you’ve got yourself one perfect spring evening.

Spring is a time to welcome in light, warmth and regrowth after the cozy darkness of winter. It’s possible to refresh your entire home with just a few small updates that will make your space (both inside and out) feel bright and energetic, just in time for the new season.

Lauren Walters

Lauren Walters

Lauren Walters is a freelance writer and marketer who lives in Sacramento. She loves good design, cooking, and antique stores. When she's not writing or moving her furniture around her house, you can find her out hiking Northern California's amazing trails.

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