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Stainless Steel Accessories for Your Bathroom

Stainless steel accessories make for sleek additions to the modern bathroom. Resistant to rust and tarnishing, these stainless steel accessories are built to last.

Stainless Steel Accessories |YLiving
Menoto Toilet Butler from blomus

The Menoto Toilet Butler combines style and convenience, creating a single station for your bathroom necessities. A sleek, stainless steel arm keeps toilet paper off the floor and within reach. The polystone base also holds a toilet brush in a stainless steel container.

Stainless Steel Accessories |YLiving
Tuy Towel Bar + Soap Dispenser from Componendo

Contemporary with a streamlined look, the Tuy Towel Bar + Soap Dispenser provides a place to hang your towel and to keep a soap dispenser all in a multi-function piece.

Stainless Steel Accessories |YLiving
Muro Mirror – 33-Inch from blomus

Add a touch of elegance to your bathroom with the Muro Mirror. Its stainless steel frame is finished in a polished chrome for a sophisticated look.

Stainless Steel Accessories |YLiving
Glass Holder AC962 Stainless Steel + Container With Lid AC960 Stainless Steel from MGS Faucets

Formed for functional style, the Glass Holder AC962 Stainless Steel and matching Container With Lid AC960 Stainless Steel are sleek stainless steel accessories to add to your bathroom counter.

Stainless Steel Accessories |YLiving
Architect Stainless Steel Flat Shelf from Cosmic

A simple shelf, the Architect Stainless Steel Flat Shelf adds an industrial touch to the modern bathroom and is perfect for keeping a stack of fresh towels on hand.

Stainless Steel Accessories |YLiving
Tuy Soap Dispenser + Tooth Brush Holder from Componendo

The Tuy Soap Dispenser + Tooth Brush Holder is an efficient accent. A white toothbrush holder and soap dispenser are complimented by the sleek stainless steel tray.

Stainless Steel Accessories |YLiving
Nexio Dispenser For Tissues, Cotton Swabs + Pads from blomus

Keep your tissues, cotton swabs, and cotton pads all in a single compact and organized location with the Nexio Dispenser. The simple linear box is made of durable stainless steel and is available in a matte or polished finish.

Stainless Steel Accessories |YLiving
Robe Hook AC951 Stainless Steel from MGS Faucets

The Robe Hook AC951 Stainless Steel is compact and efficient. Install multiple along the wall in convenient locations for hanging towels and robes within arms reach.

Bridge Wall-Mounted Towel Rack from Nameeks|YLiving
Bridge Wall-Mounted Towel Rack from Nameeks

A three tiered towel bar, the Bridge Wall-Mounted Towel Rack keeps multiple towels up and off the floor. The three rods slide, accommodating towels of any shape and size.

Stainless Steel Accessories |YLiving
Aero Hairdryer Holder from blomus

The hair dryer is an awkward accessories to store, but the Aero Hairdryer Holder provides an effortless way to store any hairdryer out of the way.

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