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Stand Up for Healthy Working

Can’t stand to sit too long? Common sense, scientific studies (and your sore bottom) have made it crystal clear: Sitting all day is really, really bad for you. And to make matters worse, the experts say that hitting the gym after an extra-long work day isn’t the way out.

Does that mean standing at work all day is the answer? Ask the millions of workers who spend upwards of 4-5 hours on their feet each day, and you’ll soon learn about the aching muscles, bunions and back pain these workers tend to experience.

Sequel 6051 Lift Standing Desk and Sequel 2-Drawer Mobile File Pedestal from BDI, Kelvin LED Table Lamp from FLOS Lighting

For most of us, the best solution for a healthy workspace is a hybrid sit-stand workstation, which offers all the benefits of standing without the aches and pains that come with standing all day long. If you haven’t heard about the many benefits of standing desks, here are five science-backed reasons to take a new stand.

A Win for the Body

Does the idea of a stylish standing workspace at home or at the office make your heart go pitter pat? Studies show that, on average, the heart-rate of workers who use standing desks go up about eight beats per minute. If you like to pace while talking on the phone, that’s even better.

The Centro 6451 Lift Standing Desk gets top marks for versatility in any space. This sit-to-stand desk has four programmable heights. So even if you share a desk, you’ll work as comfortably on Friday as you did on Monday.

A Boost for the Mind

Have you heard the term “thinking on your feet?” During a 7-week study called the Take-a-Stand Project, participants who used standing desks at work reported improved focus, better energy and overall happiness. Sadly, when they went back to their sit-down desks, moods dropped down to baseline levels.

Another benefit of standing desks (and the one that is most often overlooked) is the opportunity they offer for a clutter-free workspace. Fewer distractions means better focus.

The Sequel 6052 Lift Standing Desk offers integrated cable management to keep your work area tidy. An optional pull-out drawer removes desk top clutter and keeps everyday essentials within reach.

Burn, baby, burn

With sitting for long periods linked to obesity and metabolic disease, common sense says that standing at your desk has the opposite effect. In fact, when comparing sitting and standing for equal amounts of time, standing at your desk burns over 170 additional calories.

Look Ma, No Typos

If you’ve been considering a standing desk but wondered if it might affect your typing, you can relax. Seven different studies with 220 participants cited that standing at a desk has little to no impact on typical work tasks, including typing.

Sequel 6052 Lift Standing Desk from BDI , Gloss Table Lamp from Pablo

Live Long and Prosper

One of the most striking epidemiological studies ever done tracked the health of over 123,000 Americans. It showed that men and women who sit for six or more hours a day have a 20-40 percent higher death rate than those who sit for three hours or less.

Take a Load Off

When it is time to take a seat, make sure to select a chair that balances all of the benefits of the standing desk. Ergonomic office chairs support the lower back and induces good posture, which reduces the stress that is placed on the spine.

Centro 6451 Lift Standing Desk and TC-223 Leather Task Chair from BDI, Kelvin LED Table Lamp from FLOS Lighting

It’s hard to stay sitting on the fence (or at your desk) when the evidence suggests that adjustable standing desks are a stand up win for your body, mind and overall health.



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