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High-Design Ways for Kids to Enjoy the Outdoors

One of the greatest joys of summer is the ability to go outside whenever you want, to lounge with a drink or enjoy a good read. Children enjoy doing the same things, but in somewhat more imaginative settings. We’ve come up with a few modern and innovative ways for you to incorporate an outdoor space where your child can read or play in style.

The Temporary Hideaway

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In a child’s bedroom or the backyard, tents and teepees create a fun space for your child to engage in imaginative play. With their favorite keepsakes and blankets by their side, the encampment will blossom into their own private imaginary world. Add a book to the mix and the soft and cuddly space will turn into a reading room. The best part of all of this? Tents and teepees can be easily folded up and carried away at the end of the day (or left up for backyard camp outs).

The Read/Playhouse

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The long days of summer call the kids outside to run free, swing as high as the sun, splash in water and play hide and go-seek. In all the excitement of play, there is also an opportunity to introduce them to reading more. Starting with an open-front plank playhouse, you and the little one are only a few furnishings away from creating a homey outdoor reading nook. Throw in a book shelf, junior ottoman, candy dish, artwork, outdoor rug and festive decor, and you may find yourself wanting to camp out with the kids yourself.

A Swingin’ Creative Suite

A set of colorful outdoor furniture is bound to draw children to it, and inspire them in their creative endeavors. In this case, the addition of a hanging chair is a particularly apt addition to a kid-friendly outdoor space. In addition to simply being fun, studies have shown that there are actually some neurological benefits to swinging. It’s literally like meditation or yoga for young children.

The Treehouse

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The treehouse has long been considered the ultimate personal sanctuary for kids big and small. It incorporates a great view with an open space for playing, hanging out with friends and reading. Up the ladder and into the spacious room is where the young at heart can reside for hours at a time.

The Traditional Outdoor Library

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Based on the Little Free Library concept, this house-shaped outdoor library is a cute way to surprise the kids with a wide selection of good reads. This is a outdoor reading space without borders. All that is needed is a book and comfy spot nearby.

With spaces like this, you may just have trouble getting the kids to come back inside. For more ideas on how to furnish a stylish kids’ outdoor space, check out this selection of kid’s outdoor furniture.

Tonye Doukpolagha

Tonye Doukpolagha

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