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Italian Designs |YLiving

Spotlight: Modern Italian Brands

August is the time when Italy slows down and takes a much needed break and that means European manufacturer summer closures. If you haven’t felt the urgency to place your order for Italian designs yet, maybe you will after taking a look at some of our favorite Italian brands.

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Modern Statement |YLiving

10 Tips for Painting an Accent Wall in the Bedroom

Recently, I’ve been delving into the world of paint and I’m on the search for the perfect accent wall color. I’ve had about a dozen paint swatches sitting onto my bedroom walls for weeks now without narrowing my choices. Since I’ve been struggling myself, here are 10 tips for painting an accent wall to make a statement with your modern bedroom

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Modern Bohemian |YLiving

How To Do Bohemian the Modern Way

The bohemian look is taking the design world by storm. It’s a laid-back, maximized style that’s full of texture and patterns galore. If you’re trying to get the boho look, but maybe want it a little more modern, I hear you. Here’s how to get a bohemian look in your space with our favorite modern furniture

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Modern Home Decor |YLiving

Using Pinterest To Your Designing Advantage

Okay, people, I’ve got one word for you: Pinterest. Now we’ve already made the case for why you should be on Pinterest. It’s a great tool for finding inspiration and collecting your favorites all in one place, but Pinterest is more than just a handy online tool for looking at pretty things from the Internet. You can actually use it to your designing advantage for your modern home decor. Here’s how:

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How to Choose the Perfect Bar Stool

There’s nothing more annoying than sitting on a stool that’s the wrong height. Too short, and you feel like a Hobbit, too high and you’re knocking your knees. Besides being super uncomfortable, a too short, or too tall stool is not the greatest look. To help navigate the modern bar stool department, here’s a little how-to to help you pick the right stool for your space. 

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Modern Bedroom Inspiration: The Best Platform Beds

Modern Bedroom Ideas: Pick a Platform Bed

The ultimate must-have for the modern bedroom? A platform bed, of course. Built so the mattress sits directly atop a solid or slatted base, platform beds are a no-nonsense solution to achieving a clean and modern bedroom sanctuary. To me, ‘modern bedroom’ means clean, sleek, and chic. For yours, here are 10 dreamy platform beds that exude all of the above to inspire your bedroom decor. 

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Mid-Century Modern Office

Reality can be overwhelming at times.  When I find myself getting caught up in the day-in-day-out rigmarole of life, I long for a serene, understated sanctuary to collect my thoughts and focus my energy.  The Mid-Century modern office personifies this human need for simplicity and expresses it in a way that is both functional and thought provoking. 

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