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Editor’s Picks: Warm + Cozy Throws

Nothing beats the winter blues quite like a warm and cozy throw. Not only does it keep you warm, it’s a great way to add bright color or a playful pattern to help liven up decor during the long, grey winter.

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The Icons: Modern Side Chairs

What is an icon? Something that stands the test of time, something that is immediately recognizable as one the best representations of its particular category. In this case, we’re focusing on side chairs. There’s a lot of competition in this category, so it takes a bit more to stand out as an icon. But we think the following 10 modern side chairs do so with ease.

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Top 2017 Design Trends

It’s hard to believe 2017 is right here but it is, which means looking ahead to see what things will saturate the world of design this year. There will always be surprises when it comes to what trend takes off, but we anticipate these five elements will be right along with them. Take a look.

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YintheWild | YLiving

Eames Chairs for Every Room

Charles and Ray Eames were pioneers for modern design. We can’t get enough of this dynamic designing couple’s iconic lounge and side chairs. Sifting through our #YintheWild feed, it’s plain to see that there’s Eames chairs for every room.

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William Wegman + Modern Furniture Design

If you don’t recognize the photographer William Wegman, you’ve definitely still seen his work. Known for using his Weimaraners as models, Wegman’s photos have captured his dogs playing dress up and taking on human-like qualities. William Wegman’s newest work showcases some of our favorite mid-century and iconic modern furniture pieces alongside the perfect model, man’s best friend. Take a look:

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Modern Wall Hooks |YLiving

Friday Favorites: Hang It

Small spaces and entryways benefit from using creative means to maximize storage. Hang it up with our favorite modern hangers, wall hooks, coat racks, and compact storage solutions:

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Herman Miller |YLiving

Modern Woods: A Herman Miller Story

It’s been 25 years since Herman Miller ceased using Brazilian rosewood in their furniture designs, as irresponsible over harvesting of the wood became very apparent to the sustainably conscientious company. Since then, an alternative has been found, reviving the authentic 1956 rosewood aesthetic.

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