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Spotlight on MGS Faucets

Made entirely from stainless steel, MGS makes some of the sleekest, most durable faucets in the world. MGS faucets are an exhibit in minimalism, managing to bring a simple beauty out of the purest forms. One of my favorite brands at YLiving, I’m sharing a few of my favorite MGS Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets.

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Perks of a Bar Faucet

It’s becoming increasingly popular to install a modern kitchen faucet and sink into your current bar setup. While installing a bar sink and faucet may not seem like a necessity, there are plenty of added benefits that prove it to be an advantageous upgrade. Here are just some of the perks of installing a bar faucet:

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Black Is the New Chrome

Move over chrome, there’s a new finish in town.  MGS Faucets has introduced a black stainless steel finish to rival the classic chrome, and boy is it taking over. Dark and mysterious, this chic alternative is rocking our world. Take a look at some of their modern faucets, done over in black: 

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Build Your Outdoor Shower Space

It’s summertime and the living’s easy. It’s time for pool parties, gardening, and other various outdoor activities with a general “party” theme. But, as your mom constantly reminded you when you were little, outdoor merriment is dirty business. Whether it was making the winning save in a game of backyard badminton or a long swim in the pool, the outdoors are messy. Here are a few ways to bring your modern bathroom outdoors.

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