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I Want to Work There: 10 Amazing Office Spaces

Gone are the days of boring office spaces, where bland color schemes reigned supreme and segregating grey cubicles stretched as far as the eye could see. Harsh artificial lighting, worn out, shapeless office chairs and clunky dining chairs in the gloomy breakroom are out. Well, perhaps they’re not gone entirely. But many modern companies have started to recognize the importance of up-to-date and improved office spaces. 

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Design Trends Color Pop Red | YLiving

Color Pop: Red

Fall is my favorite time of year and I really love the bright colors of turning leaves. My favorite color among the fall leaves is by far red. Vibrant and bold, red is a color that stands out anywhere and calls out for your attention.

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Travel Accessories |YLiving

Travel In Style! Our Top 20 Travel Accessories For the Modern Traveler + Giveaway

Whatever the reason for traveling, and no matter the time of year, travel in style with these modern travel accessories. We have pulled together our top 20 travel accessories for the modern traveler. Plus, we’re giving away a Missoni Harpo Traveler Blanket Set, so keep reading to see our favorites and learn how you can enter for a chance to win.

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Modern Gold |YLiving

Top 10 Modern Gold Accessories

If someone told me years ago that I would have been gold obsessed, I would have strongly disagreed. Gone are the days of tacky gold, and I’m whistling a different tune. Today, modern gold is nothing but sophistication and class. In honor of my transition from gold hater to gold lover, I wanted to share a collection of tasteful modern gold accents and lighting.

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Modern Accessories |YLiving

Five Favorites: Finding Felt

Felt has been making it’s way into modern decor in a big way. With a touch of Scandinavian style, we’ve been finding that this laid back material is being used in everything, from modern accessories to mid-century classics. Here are 5 modern felt favorites:

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Color Pop: Blue

Ahhh, summer! The sun is shining, the air is hot, resorts and outdoor events are in full swing and vacation is at the top of everyone’s list. As a result, I find my thoughts drifting to the Greek Isles, tropical beaches, lazy days and the incredibly inviting blue waters of these locales. Just one look at cool blue, and the temperature seems to drop a few degrees.

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Milan Design Fair |YLiving

Our Favorite Pieces from Milan Design Fair

I had the pleasure of visiting the Milan Design Fair this spring, and it was spectacular. The Milan Design Fair is held annually, and showcases the latest and greatest from modern furniture designers from around the world. There was so much to see and experience, with plenty of new products to see. Since I can’t share it all, I thought I’d show off my favorite pieces from Milan Design Fair.

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