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The Go-Anywhere Harbour Chair

If you love Scandinavian design, you already know Menu. The Danish powerhouse has been bringing us thoughtfully designed furniture and accessories for more than 40 years, working with designers from all over the globe to define modern Scandinavian style. And among the tenets of that style is an overarching need for versatile comfort.

Menu Space, Copenhagen, Denmark

Enter Menu Space. Designed by Norm Architects, a titan of modernist architecture and design in their own right, Menu Space was conceived as a place for creatives to gather and interact with the brand, share ideas, and get inspired.

The new space in Copenhagen’s industrial Nordhavn district comprises a showroom, offices, event space, and even a cafe, which are aligned with Menu and Norm Architects’ industrial-yet-comfortable styles. In accordance with Scandinavian design aesthetics, the space and its furnishings are simple, natural, and durable. It can also be reimagined and rearranged at will to suit different needs.

Menu Space aims to build a community for collaboration and innovation, and they’ve already hit the ground running with the new Harbour Chair. Designed specifically for Menu Space and named after the spot they occupy (Nordhavn is Danish for north harbor), these new chairs can be dressed up or down in a variety of home and professional settings alike.

So, can this chair truly go anywhere? A selection of finishes and materials, along with Harbour Chair’s elegant yet comfortable silhouette, answer the question with a resounding “yes.” But why?

First of all, the Harbour Chair was designed by Norm Architects, with their unwavering attention to durability, quality, and timelessness. So, the chair is built to last through design trends and years of use. Its simple lines belie its precise engineering; the molded shell seat is geometric yet organic, with supportive armrests and a high backrest that also provides lumbar support. This chair is as comfortable in a boardroom as it is in a breakfast nook.

Now let’s talk versatility. In several colorways, three seat options and two leg styles, there is a design combination for every office and home. As pictured above at Menu Space, combining shell seats with upholstered seats in varying colors lends an earthy sophistication to the conference table (or is it about to be set for lunch?) in a nod to the typically Scandinavian casual-as-formal vibe. The muted palette is a hallmark of both Menu and Norm Architects designs, and the selections are classic neutrals that coordinate with one another or any other design scheme.

In a dining room at home, the upholstered option is a winner for comfort and warmth. Above, the steel base option is light and airy in the space, allowing visual focus to pass over the dining table and out the windows. The chair’s delicate legs and curvy silhouette lends a sense of balance to the otherwise bold, straight lines that dominate the room.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a Norm Architects design if we didn’t talk about balance. In an office setting, or as shown above in a reading corner, the Harbour Chair offers a nod toward mid-century styles in its wood base iteration.

On carpet and alongside heavier furniture (like Menu’s marble Plinth Cubic Table above) the wooden legs offer a more substantial look. In the leather upholstered option, the chair is especially suited for the home office or more formal dining situations, while the shell seat version offers a casual look with substance.

In any iteration, the Harbour Chair is poised to become a classic example of modern Scandinavian design. Combining elegance, balance, comfort, and versatility into one beautiful design is something the Danes do right time and again. Tell us where you’d take the Harbour Chair in the comments below.

Kelsey Kittle

Kelsey Kittle

When she’s not polishing up promotions as a Web Content Specialist, Kelsey is practicing how to properly pronounce Danish, if only to be able to say “home is where the ‘hygge’ is.” Aside from Scandinavian design, she spends a lot of time thinking about organic gardening, mini farms, honey bees and England.

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