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The Many Types of Bathroom Shelves

Incorporating bathroom shelves into your bathroom is a great way to add a little extra storage.  Here are a few types of modern bathroom shelves to give you that much needed shelving space: 


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Type Wall Shelf from Makro

Modular bathroom shelves gives the opportunity to make a wall unit all your own. Shelves like the Type Wall Shelf from Makro can be stacked and arranged with multiple shelves to create a unique and modular set-up.


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Kitoi Square Wall Shelf from Ambiance Bain

A cubby system of shelving is perfect for family bathrooms. You can assign an individual compartment to each of your kiddos. The best part, is shelving like the Kitoi Square Wall Shelf can also be designed as a modular unit, so you get the best of both worlds.


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Purist® Hotel Towel Rack from KOHLER

If you’re tight on space, you can double up your bathroom shelving with a towel rack, like the Purist® Hotel Towel Rack from Kohler. It gives you the space you need for stacking clean towels and hanging your used one up to dry, without taking up double the space.


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Cuzco Linen Tower from Native Trails

A tall and skinny freestanding shelving unit, the Cuzco Linen Tower from Native Trails has all the open shelf space and a few hidden compartments you’ll need.  Freestanding shelving is great for slipping into a nook or if you don’t want to put holes in the wall.


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21.625-Inch Freestanding Niche from Wetstyle Complements

Or you can go low with the Wetstyle Complements Freestanding Niche. I love the modern and fresh look it has, and it can double as and extension of your vanity or slip under a window.


Bathroom Shelves |YLiving
Kitoi Bench with Open Shelves from Ambiance Bain

If you have a little extra room, adding a bench with built in shelves, like the Kitoi Bench not only gives you a place to sit while drying off but it also has two built in cubbies for storing your extra towels and other bathroom supplies.


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Solace Bamboo Shelf from Native Trails

The Solace Bamboo Shelf from Native Trails adds a shelf as an accent across the mirror, giving you one last place to squeeze in a little extra shelving.

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