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The Modern Chair Dipped in Gold

To say the design world is golden obsessed would be an understatement. To say that I’m a bit obsessed would be a major understatement. The metallic trend is cropping up everywhere, and now the modern lounge chairs and side chairs have taken the golden plunge.

I’m dying to add one of these chairs to my collection. Tucked in a corner of the living room, or at the head of the dining room table would add an unexpected pop. These gold accent chairs are dripping with glittering splendor and will make you feel like a king or queen the minute you pull up a seat.

Captain Chair from Bend Seating | YLiving

Captain Chair from Bend Seating

A chair that you can command from, the Captain Chair from Bend Seating is crafted from gilded wire. This is a gold accent chair that you can channel your inner Captain Kirk or Captain Nemo from. I’m drawn to its delicate yet authoritative presence, which reminds me of its copper counter part the Lucy Chair.

Platner Arm Chair in Gold By Warren Platner, from Knoll | YLiving

Platner Arm Chair in Gold from Knoll

A chair worth mentioning again and again, the Platner Arm Chair in Gold from Knoll has been given the royal treatment, fulfilling Warren Platner’s original intent of crafting this iconic chair out of 18 karat plated gold. Not to mention that the glittering wire construction is totally mesmerizing to look at.

The Golden Chair from Moooi | YLiving

The Golden Chair from Moooi

Retro inspired with a metallic twist, The Golden Chair from Moooi is playful and fun. I think every schoolroom could benefit from lining their desks with these. Sitting on the shinning gold synthetic leather seat would be enough to get me to do my homework.

Diamond Lounge Chair with Seat Cushion in Gold By Harry Bertoia, from Knoll |YLiving

Diamond Lounge Chair with Seat Cushion in Gold from Knoll

The Diamond Lounge Chair with Seat Cushion in Gold by Harry Bertoia, from Knoll is now platted in glimmering gold. I appreciate how understated the gold makes this classic modern chair. It’s a subtle take on the metallic trend, with all the added benefits of featuring a golden accent. Oh, and this puppy is also platted with 18 karat gold. Talk about golden indulgence.

Precious Masters Chair By Philippe Starck, from Kartell |Yliving

Precious Masters Chair  from Kartell

Words cannot express how beautiful this chair is. The Precious Masters Chair by Philippe Starck, from Kartell has a shiny, smooth, golden finish. This gold accent chair literally looks like it has been molded out of solid gold, which I wouldn’t mind if it were. It would make it unbelievably luxurious.

Ashlee Coogan

Ashlee Coogan

Ashlee Coogan is a Site Merchandiser for YLighting. Ashlee calls the East Bay home and is usually found in the California sun enjoying brunch with her schnoodle. With a great appreciation for glamorous, modern design, she continues on her forever pursuit of perfect gold accent pieces to incorporate into her home décor or fashion.

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