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Tips For Keeping a Clutter-Free Home

Clutter seems to just explode out of nowhere. Piles of paper, clothes, and random junk tend to gather together and become a magnet for more clutter. No more! Here are some organization tips for keeping a clutter-free home:

Have a Designated Place for Things the Moment You Walk Through the Door

Clutter-Free Home|YLiving
HUB Console Table from Umbra

Having a single catchall for everything, like an entryway table, seems like a great idea. But once you lug in the mail, your car keys, phone, wallet, and dump it all onto one surface, it leads to quick clutter build up. By designating specific places for everything, a rack for your bag and coat, wall hooks, and you’re well on your way to a clutter free entryway. Use a small console table for necessities, and place a waste basket underneath so you can instantly throw away junk mail.

Don’t Fill Your Kitchen Counters

Clutter-Free Home|YLiving
Axis Counter Stool from Copeland Furniture

Reserve counter space in the kitchen for your necessities, aka the appliances you actually use everyday, aka the Nutri Bullet can stay out on the counter as long as you actually use it daily. Just imagine if all of your appliances were out at once, big and small, they take up some precious counter space.

Keep the Dining Room Table Set

Clutter-Free Home|YLiving
Apta Dining Table from Lapalma

The larger the surface, the more potential for clutter to gather. The dining room table can easily fill up with unwanted things, mail, magazines, the kids homework, and become a clutter magnet. To keep stuff from piling up, always have the table set. Your dining room table is meant for eating at anyway, and that way. Just reset the table after every meal.

Go for Minimal Furniture in the Bedroom

Clutter-Free Home|YLiving
Vintage Bedside Table from IONDesign

Notorious for cleaning out your pockets onto your nightstand? Consider going for a minimal look in the bedroom by swapping out your nightstand with a smaller side table. Hidden clutter is still clutter, so consider skipping the extra drawer storage while you’re at it.

Cut Down the Clothes Clutter 

Clutter-Free Home|YLiving
Anker Folding Clothing Rack from Menu A/S

Clothing clutter is a big issue for me. One moment everything is neatly put away, the next I’ve got a pile of sweaters  at the foot of my bed. Keep your clothes organized by designating a specific place for clothing items you’ve worn once I’m planning on wearing again, maybe a separate clothing rack, like the Anker Folding Clothing Rack.

Ditch the Catchalls

Clutter-Free Home|YLiving
Nest Caddy from Umbra

Baskets are great, I love them for storing extra blankets, but when they become the dump all site for everything I own, it has got to go. The same goes for bowls on the dresser or console table, they’re great for loose change and small jewelry, but when everything gets mixed together, the clutter starts to take over. Just ditch the catchalls and go for designated places for all your odds and ends. Think a specific place for change, jewelry, your keys.

Establish a Clutter-Free Zone

Clutter-Free Home|YLiving
Harbord LOFT Bi-Sectional from Gus* Modern

While the idea is for every room in your house to become a clutter free, you might want to start by marking off a specific room in the house as a clutter-free zone. The living room is a great place to start, and since it’s a communal space, everyone can pitch in to help keep things neat and tidy.

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