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Top 10 Modern Dinner Plates For Entertaining

Whether it’s for a holiday dinner, a “Friendsgiving” dinner in July, or you’re entertaining guests just because, update your dinnerware with these stylish dinner plates. From classic white to contemporary patterns, here are out top 10 dinner plates for entertaining this holiday season and year round.

1. Iittala X Issey Miyake Medium Plate, Dark Green

Iittala X Issey Miyake Medium Plate, Dark Green | YLiving
Iittala X Issey Miyake Medium Plate, Dark Green from Iittala X Issey Miyake

In a deep dark green, be daring at the dinner table with the Iittala X Issey Miyake Medium Plate. The soft curves and irregular shape create an artful presentation.

2. Veneziano Plate Set of 6

Veneziano Plate Set of 6 |YLiving
Veneziano Plate Set of 6 from Zafferano

The Veneziano Plate Set of 6 is handmade in clear-colored glass. Its subtle texture adds dimension and creates a classic dinning look for the modern home. While it’s available in six different shades, the Amber adds a hearty warmth that’s perfect for a hearty Thanksgiving meal.

3. New Norm Plate/Dish, Set of 6

New Norm Plate/Dish, Set of 6 |YLiving
New Norm Plate/Dish, Set of 6 By Norm Architects, from Menu A/S

Modern and minimal, the New Norm Plate/Dish comes in a set of six to instantly transform your holiday meals. The soft Scandinavian inspired colors provide a neutral and understated backdrop. Best of all, these plates are microwave and dishwasher safe, making clean up afterwards a breeze.

4. Taika Plate Flat

Taika Plate Flat |YLiving
Taika Plate Flat By Heikki Orvola, from Iittala

Featuring a bright, folky pattern, the Taika Plate Flat brings an artful elegance to the modern dinning table. The warm color palette is the perfect compliment to a refined holiday decor. In addition, its fine porcelain construction is not only microwave and dishwasher safe, but also oven and freezer safe.

5. Sediment Plates

Sediment Plates Dinner Plates |YLiving
Sediment Plates from Umbra

Handmade from stoneware, the Sediment Plates from Umbra create a soft and earthy look. While they come in a set of two, one plate is larger than the other. The smaller plate is great for salad or even using for appetizers.

6. AGV29/1 – All-Time Dining Plate

AGV29/1 - All-Time Dining Plate Dinner Plates |YLiving
AGV29/1 – All-Time Dining Plate By Guido Venturini, from Alessi

Nothing beats a classic dinner plate, like the AGV29/1 – All-Time Dining Plate. Made from porcelain china, it features a sleek and elegant look. Not only does the bright white finish compliment any holiday decor, but it will also enhance the appearance of food.

7. Teema Dinner Plate

Dinner Plates |YLiving
Teema Dinner Plate By Kaj Franck, from Iittala

A minimalist’s dream, the Teema Dinner Plate will complete any holiday dinner with simplicity and grace. Mix things up with an unexpected pop of turquoise color, or keep it classy with a jet black finish.

8. Beam Dinner Plate Set of 4

Dinner Plates |YLiving
Beam Dinner Plate Set of 4 By Zaha Hadid, from Zaha Hadid Design

The Beam Dinner Plate Set of 4 adds contemporary style to any dinner table decor. Touches of real gold leaf give the bone china construction an elegant touch, while the graphic abstract design adds drama.

9. Stoneware Dinner Plate

Dinner Plates |YLiving
Stoneware Dinner Plate from Another Country

Soft with an organic touch, the Stoneware Dinner Plate brings simplicity to any holiday table setting. Since its handmade from 100% stoneware, it incorporates a rustic look that’s perfect for a warm holiday meal.

10. Estetico Quotidiano Dinner Plate

Dinner Plates |YLiving
Estetico Quotidiano Dinner Plate from Seletti

If you’re looking for a quirky touch to your holiday meal, then the Estetico Quotidiano Dinner Plate is the plate for you. Though it might look like a paper plate, it’s actually made from fine porcelain.

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