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Top 10 Modern Bathroom Sinks

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From freestanding to wall-mounted to vessel styles, these striking designs for modern bathroom sinks will make a statement in any bathroom.

Oceana Sink by Sonobath

The Oceana Sink presents a clean, streamlined, design in modern bathrooms. The strikingly simple form of this sculptural bathroom sink adds unwavering functionality and timeless appeal to luxury master bathrooms. With a notable ease, the water flows harmoniously from the faucet, down the sloped basin, and into the artfully crafted designer drain. Select the ideal color of quartz to complete your washing sanctuary.

Massaud Large Vessel Sink by Axor – Hansgrohe

The Massaud Large Vessel Sink effortlessly brings modern charm into the bathroom. The fluid and organic shape of this surface-mount, vessel style sink will transform your bath space. Made from a sturdy cast marble that will withstand everyday use.

One Shot Back Wall-Hung Washbasin

The uniquely modern shape of the One Shot Back Wall-Hung Washbasin will create an instant focal point in luxury bathrooms. This fluid piece not only provides a striking addition to bathrooms undergoing a remodel, it also provides unwavering functionality for years to come. Made of a durable and stain resistant ceramic construction, this modern sink will withstand the test of daily use.

Monolith Washbasin

No matter which installation chosen, free-standing or wall-integrated, the Monolith Washbasin promises to be an instant modern focal point in luxury bath spaces. The two-piece form makes installation a breeze while simultaneously keeping the product safe and sound while in transit. Customize this striking sink with the incorporation of one or two optional, design-integrated, towel bars.

Neorest Sink with LED Lighting

The Neorest Sink with LED Lighting is the epitome of what a modern sink should be. This sleek, smart, and elegant sink comes complete with built-in LED lighting for a design that can be implemented into a variety of different aesthetics. This unique sink uses an LED light strip and must be plugged into a wall outlet connected to a switch for use. The user need not worry about replacing the LED lighting; it will continue to shine bright after 50,000 hours of use.

Cow Washbasin

The simple yet striking Cow Washbasin bathroom sink will add modern appeal to bath spaces in need of an upgrade. This solidly constructed, beautifully made ceramic sink offers unwavering functionality and reliability even after daily use. Select the ideal color or design to inspire your master bathroom.

Koks Sink

The Italian-designed Koks Sink by Componendo incorporates a minimalistic design with compact modern functionality. Integrated with a thick wooden base, this modern sink offers the ideal cleansing platform while exhibiting a natural style in any modern bathroom. The stainless steel top ensures long-lasting and non-corrosive functionality, and includes an integrated towel bar on the side for convenient accessibility. Add a touch of contemporary and organic design with the Koks Sink for an instant enhancement to your bath ambiance.

Jazz Freestanding Washbasin

The Jazz Freestanding Washbasin is an instant eye-catching addition to luxury bathrooms. The sleek construction and timeless design enable this striking sink to withstand changing style trends and everyday use alike. Pairs well with floor-standing and wall-hung faucets to complete any modern bath space.

Zen Large Rectangular Above Counter Sink

The versatile Zen Large Rectangular Above Counter Sink adds a clean, minimalist aesthetic in modern bathrooms. The customizable sink comes without pre-drilled faucet holes, enabling this unique piece to support as many as two faucets wherever they are most suited. Made from a crack and damage resistant 100% polymer, this striking sink is sure to withstand the test of time.

Floating Lotus Sink

Our last choice for top modern bathroom sinks is the Lotus Sink. It  is a vessel style sink that will not go unnoticed in modern bath spaces. This eye-catching bathroom sink is artfully made of durable and timeless quartz. The elegant winged design not only adds angular intrigue to the piece, but it also works functionally to efficiently funnel water down to the concealed drain. Choose to install this sculptural sink either on top of the counter, or recessed for a flush look. Select the ideal quartz color for your luxury bathroom.

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