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Top 10 Modern Bathroom Wall Sconces

Add a little sparkle and glamour to your modern bathroom with a few modern bathroom wall sconces. Whether they’re framing your mirror for bright task lighting or providing warm illumination to set the mood, these bathroom wall sconces are sure to add drama and style. Here are our top 10 modern bathroom wall sconces.

1. Bloc LED Wall Sconce

Astro Lighting LED Bathroom Wall Sconces | YLiving
Bloc LED Wall Sconce from Astro Lighting

The Bloc LED Wall Sconce from Astro Lighting is ideal for the modern bathroom with a minimal design. Its simple shape directs light both up and down, and it comes in four stylish finishes.

2. Henry Wall/Ceiling Light

Henry WallCeiling Mounted Sconce-36737
Henry Wall/Ceiling Light from Waterworks

Blurring the line between modern and traditional design, the Waterworks Henry Wall/Ceiling Light will light up your bathroom with a glow of industrial art. Made from brass, its utilitarian form is offset by its classic style.

3. Point Reyes Wall Sconce

Point Reyes Wall Sconce from Waterworks

From Waterworks, the Point Reyes Wall Sconce brings a classic mid century modern feel to the modern bathroom. A solid brass frame encases a diffuser of convex, textured glass for a touch of vintage glamour.

4. Monocle Wall Sconce

Monocle Wall Sconce from Rich Brilliant Willing

The Monocle Wall Sconce from Rich Brilliant Willing is a glamorous rotating surface mounted fixture. Its smooth design is composed of milled aluminum, helping to direct warm light wherever you need it.

5. Paramount 15in Wall Sconce

Paramount 15in Wall Sconce from SONNEMAN

 Add a touch of opulence to your bathroom space with the SONNEMAN Paramount 15in Wall Sconce. Capturing the era of modern deco, this bathroom wall sconce features a striking metal shade for luxurious lighting.

6. Crisp Wall/Ceiling Light

Crisp Wall/Ceiling Light from Rich Brilliant Willing

From Rich Brilliant Willing, the Crisp Wall/Ceiling Light adds a subtle nautical feel to the modern bathroom. A solid glass diffuser is molded with a unique ridged design for a modern maritime touch.

7. Dao LED Wall Torchiere

Dao LED Wall Torchiere from SONNEMAN

A sculptural sensation, the Dao LED Wall Torchiere from SONNEMAN is the way to provide sophisticated illumination in the modern bathroom. LED lights are built into a curved frosted optical arcylic diffuser, providing minimal efficient wall illumination.

8. Opus Two Light Wall Sconce

Opus Wall Mounted Double Arm Sconce with Cylinder Shade - 37839
Opus Two Light Wall Sconce from Waterworks

Whether you mount it vertically or horizontally, the Opus Two Light Wall Sconce from Waterworks is refined elegance. Two slim, cylindrical-shaped shades are connected by a polished nickel band, creating a sophisticated look.

9. Watt Ribbed Glass Wall Sconce

Watt Ribbed Glass Wall Sconce from Waterworks

Add a vintage charm to your modern bathroom with the Waterworks Watt Ribbed Glass Wall Sconce. Its ribbed glass shade is inspired by the shapes and colors of old glass telephone pole insulator covers, reinterpreted for a classic modern look.

10. Apollo Wall Sconce

Apollo Wall Sconce from SONNEMAN

From SONNEMAN, the Apollo Wall Sconce adds elegant transparence to the modern bathroom. A globe of clear glass is topped with a half-mercury shade, which radiate from within, helping to reflect light all around.

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