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Top 10 Modern Drinkware + Entertainment Pieces

If you’re planning on hosting a get together, you’ll want to make sure that you’re stocked with the best. Whether it’s mixing up fresh cocktails or serving up a plate of charcuterie, entertain in style. Become the best host or hostess with our top 10 modern drinkware and entertainment pieces.

1. Trophy Jigger
Trophy Jigger from Umbra | YLiving Modern Drinkware
Trophy Jigger from Umbra

Brush up on your mixing skills before company comes calling with the Trophy Jigger from Umbra. This double ended jigger measures out 0.5 ounces, 1 ounce and 1.5 ounce shots so you get a perfectly mixed cocktail every time. And it’s brass-plated finish adds the Midas touch to every cocktail.

2. Boston Shaker
boston-shaker-by-ettore-sottsass-from-alessiyliving | YLiving Modern Drinkware
Boston Shaker By Ettore Sottsass, from Alessi

No bar can function without a decent shaker. And while the Boston Shaker may not look like much, you can’t get anymore professional than this. Serious home bars will notice the thick leaded glass and the high quality stainless steel. You’ll be whipping up a whole mashup of cocktails in no time.

3. Mixed Large Glass, Set of 2
Modern Barware | YLiving Modern Drinkware
Mixed Large Glass, Set of 2 from Fferrone Design

These Mixed Glasses from Fferrone Design are the ideal way to stock up your bar with multipurpose glassware. With various sizes, you can use them for beer, red wine, white wine, champagne, and spirits. Not to mention their shapely figures. Each glass is made from Borosilicate glass and is also handcrafted by master glassblowers in the Czech Republic.

4. Kalimera Ice Bucket
Slide Design Kalimera Ice Bucket | YLiving Modern Drinkware
Kalimera Ice Bucket from SLIDE Design

Bring a bit of fun to your parties with the Kalimera Ice Bucket from SLIDE Design. Meaning “good morning” in Greek, this ice bucket is always ready to chill. With its cartoonish cracked egg shape, it’s a quirky addition to your modern barware collection. It’s also available in an illuminated version and is well suited for outdoor use.

5. Wine Breather Carafe
Wine Breather Carafe By Norm Architects, from Menu A/S | YLiving Modern Drinkware
Wine Breather Carafe By Norm Architects, from Menu A/S

Wow your guests with the spectacle of the Menu A/S Wine Breather Carafe. In action, it’s beautiful to watch, and it will transform the way you drink your red wine forever.

6. Tilt Cutting Board
Tilt Cutting Board from Menu A/S | YLiving Modern Drinkware
Tilt Cutting Board from Menu A/S

No wine night is complete without a perfectly curated charcuterie board, and the Tilt Cutting Board is the best way to serve up your cheeses and meats. Made from oak, it is guaranteed to catch the eye on any guest.

7. Meurice Butler Tray
Robert Abbey Meurice Butler Tray Table | YLiving Modern Drinkware and Entertainment ware
Meurice Butler Tray Table By Jonathan Adler, from Robert Abbey

Need an extra hand? The Meurice Butler Tray Table  is an essential for entertaining. The tray separates from the bottom, so you can carry in drinks and appetizers to the party with ease.

8. Pulcina Espresso Maker
Alessi Pulcina Espresso Maker | YLiving Modern Drinkware
Pulcina Espresso Maker By Michele de Lucchi, from Alessi

As the night winds down, treat your guests to fine cup of espresso with the Pulcina Espresso Maker. The stove top design creates the perfect cup every time.

9. Kettle Teapot
Menu Kettle Teapot | YLiving Modern Drinkware
Kettle Teapot By Norm Architects, from Menu A/S

But if coffee isn’t your guests cup of tea, then perhaps an actual cup of tea will suite them. The Kettle Teapot brews tea in style that melds Asian zen philosophy and modern Scandinavian architecture. The result is one stylish teapot that will get lots of attention from your guests.

10. Beam Tea Cup and Saucer Set of 4
Zaha Hadid Design Beam Tea Cup Saucer Set of 4 | YLiving Modern Drinkware
Beam Tea Cup and Saucer Set of 4 By Zaha Hadid, from Zaha Hadid Design

And whether you’re serving coffee or tea, the Beam Tea Cup and Saucer is a stunning way to do so. Accented by precious gold, this 100% bone china set features simple geometric shapes in a bold black and white motif.

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