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Top 10 Modern Gold Accessories

If someone told me years ago that I would have been gold obsessed, I would have strongly disagreed. Gone are the days of tacky gold, and I’m whistling a different tune. Today, modern gold is nothing but sophistication and class. In honor of my transition from gold hater to gold lover, I wanted to share a collection of tasteful modern gold accents and lighting.

1. Etch Tea Light Holder

Modern Gold Tom Dixon Etch Tea Light | YLiving
Etch Tea Light Holder from Tom Dixon

The Etch Candle Holder is a great piece to start warming up to gold with. Last holiday season, I got my friends and family these candle holders as gifts. It also makes the perfect house warming gift. Because of its laser cut design it casts intricate patterns on the wall as it emits a warm glow.

2. Diamond Lounge Chair with Seat Cushion in Gold

Modern Gold Knoll Diamond Lounge Chair with Seat Cushion | YLiving
Diamond Lounge Chair with Seat Cushion in Gold from Knoll

The Diamond Lounge Chair is a classic, and its wire frame looks even better dipped in 18-karat gold. Plated in gold, this mid century modern icon is all glamour.

3. Atollo Gold Table Lamp

Modern Gold Oluce Atollo Table Lamp | YLiving
Atollo Gold Table Lamp from Oluce

The Atollo Gold Table Lamp was originally designed in 1977 and it won the Compasso d’Oro in 1979. Today, it remains a stunning beauty, its geometric silhouette done out in its original finish of rich gold. This would provide a lovely accent on a side table next to the bed or couch.

4. Precious Componibili, Round 3-Unit

Modern Gold |YLiving
Precious Componibili, Round 3-Unit from Kartell

The Componibili is another mid century icon that was made to be finished in shinning metallics. The Precious Componibili features three shelves and it’s shiny gold finish adds glimmer and glam to your organizational needs.

5. Ellipse Gold Container

Modern Gold Alessi Ellipse colg Container | YLiving
Ellipse Gold Container from Alessi

The Ellipse Gold Container is an elegant way to display your jewelry and trinkets, though it’s limited to that. It has a slender and elegant shape that’s finished in an exquisite gold finish that would be stunning if placed center stage down a dining room table or onto of a dresser.

6. The Midas Cutlery, 6 Place Settings

Modern Gold Selettie The Midas Cutlery 6 Piece Setting | YLiving
The Midas Cutlery, 6 Place Settings from Seletti

How fun would hosting a dinner party with the Midas Cutlery from Seletti? The gold is more subdued here and has more of a brassy finish. Also, since the gold isn’t so shiny you can use these as a daily accent to bring some gold into your everyday life.

7. Beat Light – Wide

Modern Gold Tom Dixon Beat Whide Pendant Light | YLiving
Beat Light – Wide from Tom Dixon

The Beat Collection is one of my favorite lighting collections. All of the pieces are handmade so each and everyone is unique. They also come in traditional black or white exteriors with gold on the inside for a subtle metallic glow if you don’t want to go with the full on brass look.

8. Norm Wall Clock

Modern Gold Norm Wall Clock | YLiving
Norm Wall Clock from Menu A/S

Gold is a versatile material. It can make even the most minimal of clocks, like the Norm Wall Clock look like a timeless beauty.

9. Hubertus Mirror Clothes Stand

Modern Gold HUbertus Mirror Clothes Stand | YLiving
Hubertus Mirror Clothes Stand from Mogg

The Hubertus Mirror Clothes Stand is whimsical practicality. Little antlers dipped in a radiant gold are the perfect place to hang up your hat and coat. Plus, the mirror lets you sneak one last glance at your outfit before you run out the door.

10. X Large Bubble Chandelier

Modern Gold Pelle X-Large Bubble Chandelier | YLiving
X Large Bubble Chandelier from PELLE

Last, but certainly not least, is the X-Large Bubble Chandelier PELLE. This is a covet worthy chandelier – with the gold accent, of course. To say these chandeliers are beautiful is an understatement. The wrapped leather detailing on the stem pairs with the gold so nicely– and there are tons of colors to choose from to make it uniquely yours.

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Ashlee Coogan

Ashlee Coogan

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