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Top 20 Modern Home Accessories for Halloween

Halloween may not be a national holiday, but let’s be honest, we really do have fun getting into the spirit of things — from office parties to trick-or-treating and late night horror movie marathons. But decorating for Halloween doesn’t have to mean plastic pumpkins and fake blood and gore. Here are my top 20 modern home accessories for a fun and cheeky modern Halloween.

1. Giant Burlesque, The No Evil Monkeys Chandelier

Seletti Giant Burlesque No Evil Monkeys Chandelier | YLiving Modern Home Accessories
Giant Burlesque, The No Evil Monkeys Chandelier from Seletti

The Giant Burlesque, The No Evil Monkeys Chandelier is full of gothic charm. This jet black candelabra is full of floral and filigree details, with monkeys posed in the classic “Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” gestures. One or two of these on a dining room table or credenza would create a hauntingly chic baroque look.

2. Shrine

Menu A/S Shrine | YLiving Modern Home Accessories
Shrine from Menu A/S

With a name like Shrine, this display piece from Menu A/S is ideal for all your modern Halloween decorating. Its shape is a contemporary take on the high arches from gothic cathedral windows, and its light frame is ideal for highlighting a spooky treasure.

3. My Skull

Seletti My Skull | YLiving Modern Home Accessories
My Skull from Seletti

Skulls are a classic Halloween decoration, but this one from Seletti takes it up a notch. Drumming up ideas of horror and fright, My Skull maintains its heritage in pretty porcelain. Display it alongside a weathered copy of Hamlet or even under the arched framed of Shrine.

4. Wooden Doll, Little Devil 

Vitra Wooden Doll Little Devil | YLiving Modern Home Accessories
Wooden Doll, Little Devil By Alexander Girard, from Vitra

Designed by Alexander Girard in 1952, this Little Devil is part of the folk inspired Wooden Dolls Collection. His mischievous grin and bright red finish make him a playful addition to any Halloween decor. He’s even complete with a fork tail.

5. Grey Matters Book Stopper

Lyon Benton Grey Matters Book Stopper | YLiving Modern Home Accessories
Grey Matters Book Stopper from Lyon Beton

The Grey Matters Book Stopper gives you the mad scientist look without the jello-brains. Made from concrete, these are a functional piece of decor, with a quirky twist. They’d be a great way to show off a collection of classic horror literature and novels.

6. Form Bowl 

Tom Dixon Form Bowl | YLiving Modern Home Accessories
Form Bowl Deep, Large from Tom Dixon

Ditch the plastic pumpkin and hand out candy in style with the Form Bowl from Tom Dixon. Its chic golden interior and contrasting matte-black exterior makes it perfect for Halloween and beyond.

7. Coomba Orange Pillow  + Rabat 60 Pillow

Missoni Home Coomba Pillow | YLiving Modern Home Accessories
Coomba Orange Pillow  + Rabat 60 Pillow from Missoni Home 

Easily decorate your home in the classic black and orange color palette of Halloween with throw pillows. From Missoni Home , the Rabat 60 Pillow and the Coomba Orange Pillow  feature a deep ridge pattern in plush velvet. Just throw a couple of these in alternating orange and black onto your sofa for a luxurious seating area that’s ready for Halloween.

8. C’mere Hand Hook

Areaware Cmere Hand Hook | YLiving Modern Home Accessories
C’mere Hand Hook By Harry Allen, from Areaware

Create a creepy display of ghostly white hands reaching out from the walls with the Hand Hooks from Areaware. With six different gestures, these functional hooks are cast from designer Harry Allen’s own hand.

9. Pot of Love Planter 

Slide Design Pot of Love Planter | YLiving Modern Home Accessories
Pot of Love Planter from SLIDE Design

Adorn your front porch with the baroque inspired Pot of Love Planter. Whether it’s displaying a candle-lit jack-o-lantern or the venus fly trap from Little Shop of Horrors, this durable plastic planter from SLIDE Design is great for indoor/outdoor modern Halloween decorating.

10. Twitable Birdcage

Seletti Twitable Birdcage | YLiving Modern Home Accessories
Twistable Birdcage from Seletti

The Twitable Birdcage is perfect for displaying ghoulish accessories or use it as a clever way to serve up food. The gold wire cage sits atop an elegant base of marble, creating a unique way to incorporate a bit of modern design into your Halloween decorating.

11. Spirit Cushion

Zuzunzaga Spirit Cushion | YLiving Modern Home Accessories
Spirit Cushion By Cristian Zuzunaga, from Zuzunaga

The Spirit Cushion captures the spirit of Autumn with is pixelated design in warm fall tones.

12. Carrie Candle Holder/Vase

Menu A/S Carrie Candle Holder Vase | YLiving Modern Home Accessories
Carrie Candle Holder/Vase By Norm Architects, from Menu A/S

While the Carrie Candle Holder/Vase bears no resemblance to Steven King’s horror classic, it does provide a classy way to add a glowing ambiance to your home. And in the case of Halloween, it might be a good alternative to lighting your porch if your not a fan of Jack-O-Lanterns.

13. Braid Vase, Black

Zaha Hadid Design Braid Vase Black | YLiving Modern Home Accessories
Braid Vase, Black By Zaha Hadid, from Zaha Hadid Design

The braided form of the Braid Vase is elegant and refined. Yet, its flowing shape is mysterious, and ideal for creating a ghoulish arrangement of blood red roses.

14. Flora

blankblank flora | YLiving Modern Home Accessories
Flora By Rob Zinn, from blankblank

Made from aluminum, Flora is the embodiment of a delicate flower. But its abstract form takes on a grotesque look in oxblood red that zombies may mistake for something edible.

15. Giant Burlesque, The Life Logic Chandelier

Seletti Giant Burlesque The Life Logic Chandelier | YLiving Modern Home Accessories
Giant Burlesque, The Life Logic Chandelier from Seletti

The Giant Burlesque, The Life Logic Chandelier features the eerie sight of a skull set atop a pile of books with a snake slithering around it. Light up night candles to create the perfect atmosphere for a haunted manor.

16. Icon™ Whisky Stones®: Skull + Crossbones

Teroforma Icon Whisky Stones Skull and Cross Bones | YLiving Modern Home Accessories
Icon™ Whisky Stones®: Skull + Crossbones from Teroforma

Add that Halloween spirit to your glass of whiskey with the Skull + Crossbones Icon Whisky Stones from Teroforma. Natural soapstone whisky stones with crossbones will chill your drink and send a chill down your spine.

17. Padded Pillow

Mamagreen Pillows | YLiving Modern Home Accessories
Padded Pillow from MAMAGREEN

The modern and minimal design on the Padded Pillow from MAMAGREEN brings a subtle Halloween vibe in black with pumpkin orange pipping.

18. Helter Skelter Vase

Seasonal Living Helter Skelter Vase | YLiving Modern Home Accessories
Helter Skelter Vase from Seasonal Living

Usher in the thrill of Halloween with the Helter Skelter Vase in a bright orange finish.

19. Prime Oriental Scented Candle Medium

Zaha Hadid Design Prime Oriental Scented Candle Medium | YLiving Modern Home Accessories
Prime Oriental Scented Candle Medium By Zaha Hadid, from Zaha Hadid Design

Fill your home with the elegant form and alluring scent of the Prime Oriental Scented Candle Medium. Best of all, the bone china porcelain creates a ghostly glow once the candle within is lit.

20. Skull LED Table Lamp

Modern Home Accessories |YLiving
Skull LED Table Lamp By Nir Josef Chehanowski, from Studio Cheha

The Skull LED Table Lamp creates an uncanny optical illusion. While the skull may appear 3-dimensional, in fact, its a clever acrylic panel that’s been laser etched to create a spine-chilling skull when lit.

Check out our Modern Accents page for all of our Modern Home Accessories for the upcoming holidays and year round.

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