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Top 10 Modern Low Stools

Endlessly versatile, small stools do double duty as side tables and places to sit. Take your pick of modern stools, from iconic designs to cutting-edge contemporary looks.

Stool 60

Stool 60 from Artek | YLiving
Stool 60 from Artek

Design by Alvar Aalto, 1933. By Artek. One of Artek’s best sellers, Stool 60 has limitless applications and lasting appeal. This L-leg stool features legs made of solid birch reinforced by thin pieces of plywood that are glued where the leg is bent, making it extremely durable. Stackable, portable and offered in eleven finishes.

Stool 60 is a fine example of Alvar Aalto’s interest in basic functional, utilitarian forms. It’s 3-leg silhouette allows for even large numbers of the stool to be stacked and stored in very little space. Today, the stool is part of the new Carry Away range consisting of a selection of Alvar Aalto and Artek Studio products, conveniently packed in flat packed boxes and ready for simple assembly.

Butterfly Stool

Butterfly Stool from Vitra | YLiving
Butterfly Stool from Vitra

Design by Sori Yanagi, 1954. By Vitra. In a totally unique way the Butterfly Stool blends Eastern shapes with the technique developed by Charles and Ray Eames of shaping plywood. The gently curved silhouette is reminiscent of the wings of a butterfly. Stool can support up to 125 lbs. Collection Vitra Design Museum.

Cork Stools

Cork Stools from Vitra | YLiving
Cork Stools from Vitra

Design by Jasper Morrison, 2004. By Vitra. Three small friends, robustly built, stable, individual in character and lovable in appearance. That’s the Cork Family. Whether as side-tables or as stools, the three different brothers benefit from the advantageous properties of the natural material: cork. It is comparatively light, enormously tough and has a pleasant soft feel.

Eames Walnut Stools

Eames® Walnut Stools from Herman Miller | YLiving
Eames® Walnut Stools from Herman Miller

Design by Ray Eames. By Herman Miller. Ray Eames drew on her training as a sculptor to design a new kind of occasional piece for the lobby of the Time-Life Building in New York City. Eames Walnut Stools became her favorite seats and were liberally scattered about the Charles and Ray Eames home in Pacific Palisades. Made of solid walnut, these 15-inch-high stools can be used anywhere and are beautifully versatile. Besides being places to sit, they also serve as low tables, display surfaces, or simply objects to be admired. Select from three distinctively sculpted profiles.

Container Stool New Antiques

Container Stool New Antiques from Moooi | YLiving
Container Stool New Antiques from Moooi

Design by Marcel Wanders, 2011. By Moooi. A combination of vintage charm and neoclassical with a contemporary design twist, the Container Stool is the newest addition to the Container Table series. The Container Stool has a rounded, ornamental base and a smooth, minimalist top — a perfect mix of the functional and decorative. Use the stool as a seat or a low-profile end table and create an effortless place to rest.

Prince AHA Stool

Prince Aha Stool from Kartell | YLiving
Prince Aha Stool from Kartell

Design by Philippe Starck. Made in Italy by Kartell. Thought up as a colorful game of building blocks, the Prince AHA stool is composed of two cones to resemble the shape of an hourglass. An entertaining and colorful accessory, a practical stool and stand to place beside the couch or the bed. The pastel colors, the texture of the material used and the geometric design make Prince AHA a flexible product, easily inserted into any setting. It is available in a range of pastel colors. Suitable for indoor/outdoor use.

AP Nesting Stool

AP Nesting Stool from Lapalma | YLiving
AP Nesting Stool from Lapalma

Design by Shin Azumi, 2010. Made in Italy by Lapalma. The AP Nesting Stool is a highly functional and eye-catching modern furniture piece, displaying elegant curves and folds reminiscent of Japanese origami. Created with the occupant in mind, this low stool possesses a highly ergonomic design, offering an advanced degree of support and comfort. Crafted from a single sheet of molded plywood. Simply nest them together for easy storage. Front cut out can be used as handle for easy mobility.

Cone Stool

Cone Stool from Vitra | YLiving
Cone Stool from Vitra

Design by Verner Panton, 1958. By Vitra. The Cone Stool extends the formal language of the Cone Chair, presenting the classic geometric figure in its purest form. The pointed base of the stool’s cone-shape is mounted on a brushed stainless steel cruciform foot.

Though designed as a companion to the Cone Chair, the Cone Stool is equally compelling in its own right, with a loose cushion atop the fabric covered frame. Available in a wide range of fabric colors.

ARS Stool

ARS Stool from ARTLESS | YLiving
ARS Stool from ARTLESS

The ARS Stool is a visually striking design by ARTLESS. ARTLESS has combined a beautiful natural top, in either wood or leather, with a steel hexagon-shaped base. The steel base is powder-coated which creates a striking contrast with the natural material of the seat top. Available in your choice of seat option and base color.

Tulip Stool

Tulip Stool from Knoll | YLiving
Tulip Stool from Knoll

Design by Eero Saarinen, 1957. By Knoll. From Eero Saarinen’s esteemed collection of pedestal “Tulip” elements, the simple Tulip Stool offers additional seating or a quick resting spot in a classic design. Soft upholstered seating in a variety of fabrics and leathers and a fixed or swivel base, make this side stool a go to choice for comfort and style.

Jennifer Harford

Jennifer Harford

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