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Top 10 Modern Pet Accessories to Gift Your Furry Friend

Whether you’re a dog person or a cat person all pet owners can agree that they want their pet to have the best in life. From dog bowls to cat scratchers, these modern pet accessories are great to gift your furry friend this holiday season. Here are our top 10 modern pet accessories.

1. Lula Dog Bowl

Alessi Lula Dog Bowl | YLiving Modern Pet Accessories Gift Guide
AMMI19 Lulà Dog Bowl By Miriam Mirri, from Alessi

Fido will be howling with delight upon receiving this bowl.  The Lulà Dog Bowl is not only playful, but also thoughtful. A lid helps keep things looking neat and tidy, while the removable stainless steel bowl is easy to clean.

2. Castagna Dog House

Bosa Castagna Dog House | YLiving Modern Pet Accessories Gift Guide
Castagna Dog House from Bosa

A chic house for the modern dog (or even a cozy hide out for the modern cat), the Castagna Dog House is hand-crafted in porcelain. While its available in two sizes, these unique dog houses are meant for smaller breeds. Each house comes with its own comfy cushion, so its ready for puppy snoozes.

3. Nomad Dog House

Bosa Nomad Dogs House | YLiving Modern Pet Accessories Gift Guide
Nomad Dog’s House from Bosa

A playful design for your best friend, the Nomad Dog’s House gives your pup a place of their own. Its charming camper design features metal wheels that actually roll, so you can move it to and fro, or wherever the wind may take your dog.

4. Travel Dog House

Bosa Dogs House | YLiving Modern Pet Accessories Gift Guide
Travel Dog’s House from Bosa

The Travel Dog’s House is perfect for the dog that’s always on the go. Made from ceramic, its cute suitcase-like design is ideal for small dogs.

5. Petnic

Alessi Pet Travel Organizer | YLiving Modern Pet Accessories
Petnic Pet Travel Organizer By Miriam Mirri, from Alessi

For the traveling pet, the Petnic Pet Travel Organizer is a must. Its cute, but sturdy design, is great for taking along of your pet’s necessities. While its designed to look like a traditional picnic basket, the durable thermoplastic resin construction is ideal for use with pets.

6. Cat Scratcher Wheel

Way Basics Cat Scratcher Wheel | YLiving Modern Pet Accessories Gift Guide
Cat Scratcher Wheel from Way Basics

The Cat Scratcher Wheel is affordable, but stylish. Coming in at just under twenty dollars, this cat scratcher provides an accessible place for you cat to get her scratches in, without sacrificing your furniture.

7. Miò Jar

Alessi Mio Jar | YLiving Modern Pet Accessories Gift Guide
AMMI22 Miò Jar – Jar for Cat Food By Miriam Mirri, from Alessi

The Miò Jar is a cute place to keep your kitty’s treats separate from the rest. A stylish clear glass jar lets you see exactly what’s inside, while the sweet meowing cat figurine reminds you who its for.

8. Fatboy Doggie Lounge

Fatboy Doggielounge stonewashed | YLiving Modern Pet Accessories Gift Guide
Fatboy® doggielounge stonewashed from Fatboy

You want to give your pet the best, and that includes where they sleep. Provide your dog with a comfortable place of their own with the Fatboy® doggielounge. Its stonewashed finish is made from 100% cotton and is available in 11 colors and two sizes too.

9. Loll Dog Bowls

Loll Dog Bowls | YLiving Modern Pet Accessories
Loll Pet Bowls from Loll Designs

Keep your pet’s food bowls organized and clean with the Loll Pet Bowls. Their 100% recycled HDPE construction is easy to clean and won’t fade, not to mention its all dishwasher safe. There are three sizes available for small, medium, and large dogs, and all three are available in 10 different colors.

10. Tigrito Cat Bowl

Alessi Tigrito Cat Bowl | YLiving Modern Pet Accessories Gift Guide
Tigrito Cat Bowl By Miriam Mirri, from Alessi

The Tigrito Cat Bowl from Alessi is the perfect size for cats. Its playful design feature two stainless steel bowls and a sweet kitty to guard the food.

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