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Top 10 Modern Shower Heads to Instantly Upgrade Your Shower

Perhaps the quickest and easiest upgrade you can make to your bathroom shower is replacing your worn out shower head. I’ve rounded up 10 modern shower heads that are guaranteed to give your old shower an instant upgrade.

1. Kafka Eight-Prong Brass Shower Head

Modern Shower Heads |YLiving
Kafka Eight-Prong Brass Shower Head from Lefroy Brooks

From Lefroy Brooks, the Kafka Eight-Prong Brass Shower Head updates the modern shower with its charm and compact power. With a flow rate of 2.4 GPM, this modern shower head produces a steady stream for an invigorating experience. In addition, its solid brass construction allows you to enjoy it without worry of rust or corrosion.

2. Purist® 1.75 gpm Multifunction Showerhead

Modern Shower Heads |YLiving
Purist® 1.75 gpm Multifunction Showerhead from KOHLER

Bring comfort and class to your modern shower with the Purist® 1.75 gpm Multifunction Showerhead from KOHLER. With an impressive 1.75 GPM, this shower head uses 30% less water than standard 2.5-gpm showerheads without sacrificing performance.

3. Raindance C 150 3-Jet Showerhead

Modern Shower Heads |YLiving
Raindance C 150 3-Jet Showerhead from Hansgrohe

With three different spray modes, the Raindance C 150 3-Jet Showerhead jets you off into the lap of luxury. Not to mention it’s equipped with air injection technology, which offers a better shower experience when it comes time for clean up. Additionally, it’s available in a number of finishes to match your current bathroom decor for a stylish upgrade.

4. Raindance E 150 AIR Green 1-Jet Showerhead

Modern Shower Heads |YLiving
Raindance E 150 AIR Green 1-Jet Showered from Hansgrohe

The Raindance E 150 AIR Green 1-Jet Showerhead is the ultimate shower head for  those attempting to create an eco-friendly bathroom. By using eco-smart technology, this shower head is capable of using 60% less water than the average shower head, resulting in a guilt free showering experience.

5. Aquia Showerhead

Modern Shower Heads |YLiving
Aquia Showerhead from TOTO

Beautifully constructed, the Aquia Showerhead from TOTO will instantly transform your boring shower into a luxurious retreat. Its nine inch diameter spray face together with its rubber nozzles creates a soothing rain like experience that will keep you coming back for more.

6. Rain Shower Head SO606 Stainless Steel

Modern Shower Heads |YLiving
Rain Shower Head SO606 Stainless Steel from MGS Faucets

The Rain Shower Head SO606 Stainless Steel brings a sleek and minimal aesthetic to the modern shower. Available in either a matte or polish stainless steel finish, let the rich rainfall effect envelope you in total luxury.

7. Euphoria 110 Mono Shower Head

Modern Shower Heads |YLiving
Euphoria 110 Mono Shower Head from Grohe

German made, the Euphoria 110 Mono Shower Head is an affordable shower head you can rely on for years to come. DreamSpray technology makes you feel like you’re showering on cloud 9, while the EcoJoy technology saves precious water.

8. Moxie™ Rainhead with Wireless Speaker

Modern Shower Heads |YLiving
Moxie™ Rainhead with Wireless Speaker from KOHLER

Bring the sweet sound of your favorite music directly into the shower with Kohler’s Moxie™ Rainhead with Wireless Speaker. A portable wireless speaker utilizes Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect to your preferred device and pops out to make recharging before your next shower easy.

9. Superinox Shower Head A041072

Modern Shower Heads |YLiving
Superinox Shower Head A041072 from Nameeks

Notable for its thin silhouette and linear design, the Superinox Shower Head A041072 will instantly transform your shower. An ABS construction together with a  bright chrome finish creates a durable and timeless look.

10. Universal 5 Inch Shower Rose

Modern Shower Heads |YLiving
Universal 5 Inch Shower Rose from Waterworks Studio

Add elegance and class to your modern shower with the Universal 5 Inch Shower Rose from Waterworks. Its fixed spray creates a relaxing rainfall effect everyone will enjoy and its available in either a chrome or nickel finish to match your current decor.

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